Texas County Commissioner to Fox Sports: Stop 'Religious Bigotry' Against James or Face Consequences

On Tuesday, Matt Shaheen, commissioner of Collin County, Texas, penned a letter to Fox Sports protesting Fox Sports’ decision to terminate broadcaster Craig James based on James’ opposition to same-sex marriage. Shaheen wrote to Dan Bell of Fox Sports:

Mr. Bell:

On behalf of over 800,000 citizens residing in Collin County, Texas, I am expressing my deep concern over FOX Sports Southwest’s decision to terminate Craig James because of his personal religious beliefs.  Your action is an affront to your customers, your nation and is contrary to the principle of religious freedom.

Beyond the fact that your actions violate United States law and breach your contract with Mr. James, you are showing a lack of respect for religious liberty to the community I represent.  I want to strongly encourage you to return Craig James to his on-air position at FSSW, otherwise, I stand willing and able to ensure the citizens of Collin County and your advertisers are fully aware of your religious bigotry and the many other options they have to view sports in our region.

Breitbart News’ calls to Fox Sports went unreturned on Tuesday.


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