Nationals Star: I Killed Mountain Lion with Bow and Arrow, Ate It, Pissed Off Animal Rights Groups

Washington Nationals first baseman Adam LaRoche said he drove animal rights groups crazy with the mountain lion that he killed last month with a bow and arrow.

He also said the mountain lion tasted like pork. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who always talks about eating the meat that she hunts, would refer to that as "organic" meat. 

LaRoche, who is friends with the Robertson family on Duck Dynasty, said on a local Washington, D.C. radio program on Tuesday that he got "hooked" on hunting animals with a bow and arrow about "15 years ago and that’s about all I enjoy doing is bow hunt." When he was at 10,000 feet and in two feet of snow in the Colorado mountains last month, he decided he would try it on a mountain lion. 

"The problem is, you don’t want to screw that up, because that could go bad really quick, as you could imagine," he said. When you come up over the hill, and you’re eye-to-eye with that mountain lion — which I happened to be at about 25 yards — man, it gets your blood flowing, to say the least.”

He said animal rights groups were definitely not happy with him, but he said he ended up eating what he killed. 

“Yes, there was some definite blowback from some of the animal rights people out there. But what can you do about ‘em?” LaRoche said before talking about how the meat of a mountain lion tasted. “Almost like pork, it’s got a light color to it and it’s not bad. So we took it to the processor and then from there it goes to the taxidermist and it ends up on the wall either here at the ranch in Kansas or up in Steamboat.”

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