Matt Lauer on Double-Duty Hosting Shifts: 'I Can't Do This' for 'Prolonged Period of Time'

Matt Lauer, who has barely gotten any sleep the last three days, says he cannot sustain hosting the Today show and NBC's primetime coverage of the Olympics for much longer. 

“I can’t do this schedule for any prolonged period of time,” Lauer said. “I don’t want the fact that I’m doing double duty to impact the way we do the ‘Today’ show.” The New York Times described Lauer's schedule in which he has burned the candle at both ends:

He does early-morning location shooting for “Today,” and heads to the morning show’s set for the live program from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., Sochi time. Then he eats, sleeps a few hours, and gets to the prime-time studio around 11 p.m. He is there for another three or four hours, then sleeps a little while before restarting his morning routine.

“I think we’re both uniquely cut out to do the jobs we do,” Lauer said. “I’m a morning guy and Bob is great at what he does."

If Costas still needs to rest, NBC may spell Lauer with someone like Al Michaels, who is also doing hosting duties for the network in Sochi. Costas said that his doctors have told him that he could return by this weekend. His doctors, though, also told him that his eye infection would have cleared up by last weekend, and that was hardly the case.

UPDATE: NBC announced that Meredith Viera will be subbing for Lauer and Costas on Friday. Lauer said he is going to "sleep, sleep, sleep" during primetime. 


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