Exclusive — ‘Keep It Red': Obama Working to Bring Failed Polices to Texas

One of the things I love about coming home is witnessing the great role model that Texas is for the rest of the country. Thanks to years of strong conservative leadership Texas is the model for red state governance. 

We’ve been a shining example that less government, lower taxes and fair regulations helps to grow jobs and move our economy forward.  It’s a striking contrast to the big government, big spending, liberal mindset of the current Administration. The 'Texas Miracle,' as we've come to know it, speaks for itself.

But the battlefield has shifted. The President's political operatives have infiltrated our cities and are working to import their failed policies to Texas under the auspices of an organization called Battleground Texas. They think they can elect a Nancy Pelosi clone as Governor, and they think they can send a lone star liberal to Washington as your next Senator. But as Texans, our response should be simple: not on our watch. If ACORN and Organizing for America succeed in Texas, they could win every presidential election and control the White House for decades to come.

Make no mistake: to win in Texas, Democrats will have to practice the politics of Houdini. They will try to campaign as conservatives so they can govern as liberals. As Texans, we know better than to fall for this. And it would be easy to dismiss their efforts. But there was a time when Republicans faced similar odds in this state. The Democrats scoffed as we took ground inch-by-inch and block-by-block. We met their complacency with determination. And because of it, we not only won, but we started a winning streak that hasn’t been broken in nearly 20 years.

I, for one, am confident that Texas’ best days are still ahead of us. To keep that commitment, I’ve launched a project called Keep It Red to help ensure that Texas remains a beacon of economic freedom and prosperity. Through this effort we will work with activists across the state to collect and analyze voter data; recruit and train new precinct Chairmen and Captains to lead get-out-the-vote efforts; and expand the party by leading outreach to new, nontraditional Republican voters.

We have the resources, the technology, and the message needed to win in 2014, but success depends on dedicated volunteers who are willing to reach out to their communities and encourage friends and family to vote for conservative candidates. Like the brave Texans who drew a line in the sand at the Alamo, and defeated Santa Anna at San Jacinto, we will stand for freedom, self-determination, and opportunity. If there must remain one last bastion of freedom – one last haven of opportunity – let it be Texas.

With your help, together we will fight to keep it red.

Senator John Cornyn


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