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Big Ten Finally Loses a Game; Florida Beats Minnesota

Another Big Ten team finally lost, and as a result the SEC will have one team in the Sweet 16 after Florida's 14-point victory over Minnesota Sunday night in South Regional action. Wisconsin is the only other Big Ten team to have lost in the tournament, as the conference was 10-2 pending the result of Illinois' game against Miami. If Illinois wins, the Big Ten would tie the Big East's record of five teams in the Sweet 16 (2009 and 2011). Mar 24, 2013 7:29 PM PT

No. 15 Florida Gulf Coast Shocks No. 2 Georgetown

No. 15 Florida Gulf Coast, a team with some players who are older than the school that was established in 1991, shocked No. 2 Georgetown in South Regional 78-70. The Eagles swaggered, dunked, ran, and soared past Georgetown. They became the eleventh No. 15 seed to defeat a No. 2 seed and the third in the past two years. Brett Comer's alley-oop to Chase Fieler in the closing minutes brought the house down in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as Comer tossed the ball high above the rim after breaking a frenetic Georgetown press and Fieler came running in, elbow above the rim, and jammed the ball home. Mar 22, 2013 7:26 PM PT

Only 15 Spot Left: Albany Survives Furious Comeback, Wins America East

In the first of eight conference championships Saturday that are the only chance for both teams to make the tournament, No. 4 seed Albany survived a furious comeback by #2 seed Vermont to win the America East Tournament. The Saturday starting times for the other seven games are below (all times Eastern): Mar 16, 2013 10:55 AM PT

Summit League Tourney Rundown

The favored SD State Jackrabbits shot 70% from behind the arc in the second half to pull away from IPFW in the Semifinals of the Summit League Tournament on Monday night. Home team SD State will play #3 North Dakota State in the finals Tuesday night. Mar 12, 2013 12:22 PM PT

Horizon Conference Tourney rundown

Green Bay, which defeated Big East co-champion Marquette earlier this season, and Wright State, both won Saturday. They will face the top two seeds, Detroit and the host regular season champion in the semifinals. Valparaiso or Detroit would have an outside chance at an at large bid to the NCAA tournament, but most likely only the winner of the tournament will get invited. Mar 9, 2013 1:59 PM PT

Top 10 Big East basketball teams in conference history

On Saturday Georgetown claimed the No. 1 seed in the Big East tournament. Here is a look at the best 10 teams from the founding of the Big East from 1979 through this year's divorce that led to seven Catholic schools carrying forward the Big East banner while others went to the ACC, Big Ten and a new conference likely called the American 12. Mar 9, 2013 12:57 PM PT

Top 10 West Coast Teams Since 2000

Here are the top 10 West Coast teams since the turn of the century. Find out where on the list the great USC, Los Angeles Lakers, and San Francisco Giants team are. Mar 2, 2013 9:50 AM PT

Top 10 Magical Seasons

Every once in a blue moon, a team comes along that just seems fated- they get every break, they overcome every obstacle, and they spark a love affair with fans. They carve out their own place in history. Here is our take at some of the real magical seasons throughout sports- acknowledging, of course, that there is no way to get every magical season in a Top 10. We will exempt the 1980 US Olympic Hockey team- any team named “Miracle on Ice” seems too obvious to include. Feb 27, 2013 8:37 PM PT

Top 10 Sports Movies

The movies that inspire us are often based on real moments. This is no less true for sports movies. So what are the best of the lot? It was not an easy list, but in honor of the Oscars, here’s our take. from the setting of royalty at Wimbledon to the streets of Woody Harrelson explaining to Wesley Snipes that he really could dunk if he wanted to, here are the 10 best sports movies. Feb 25, 2013 8:04 PM PT

Top 10 Future Hall of Famers

Ahh, we all celebrate the legends of yesteryear. But who will be the legends our kids celebrate? What a great time to be a sports fan! Here’s a peek at those we think have a chance. Feb 23, 2013 11:10 PM PT

Top 10 Sports Executives

The guys behind the guys… the ones who orchestrate the success of the franchises we love. Though often unsung, it’s time to recognize tFlamboyant motivators have been replaced by calculating business executives on the sideline and in the press box. Figuring out what formation will result in a wide receiver having a split second edge on a cornerback, or knowing that if you move a shooter two feet from his favorite spot on the arc he goes from being a 53% shooter to a 29% shooter. Knowing how to get the most wins per dollar as Billy Beane has done. Here are the best 10 guys behind the guys who actually rebound and tackle and score - or make the business of sports a success by promoting their conferences and leagues. Feb 23, 2013 8:45 AM PT

Top 10 Sports Scandals of the Modern Era

From BALCO to Manti T’eo, everyone loves to talk about a good sports scandal. After all, everyone’s team has down years, and what are fans supposed to do then? Here’s our take on the biggest sports scandals of the modern era, skipping athletes accused of murder. Feb 22, 2013 11:36 AM PT

Top 10 NHL Teams Who Wish the Lockout Had Not Ended

The lockout is over and hockey is back! At least, it is in some places. Some franchises clearly did not fare as well as others with the shortened season and training camp. Here are the ones who, in hindsight, would rather the season had not begun, starting with two teams that once looked forward to Wayne Gretzky taking the ice. 10. Oilers. Not a bad team but having bad luck. 9. Kings. Mediocre year, but they can drink away their pain out of the Stanley Cup. Feb 21, 2013 9:13 AM PT


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