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Judicial Watch Victory: Obama Gives Up Fast and Furious Documents

We have big news to report on the latest in the growing Operation Fast and Furious scandal implicating President Obama’s Department of Justice (DOJ). On November 18, 2014, Judicial Watch obtained a massive production of documents in response to a June 2012 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and our subsequent FOIA lawsuit. Nov 25, 2014 6:04 PM PT

Obama's Lawless Amnesty Tests Our Republic

Honest Americans are still gasping from President Obama’s speech last week announcing his own amnesty program, based on no legal authority, for at least five million illegal aliens. I recently warned you about Obama’s amnesty assault on our nation. Nov 24, 2014 8:52 PM PT

Election Integrity Project: The New Hampshire Report

While voter identification is a technical requirement in New Hampshire, the law is riddled with loopholes that threaten to render it ineffective as any sort of check on fraud. That’s what a team of Judicial Watch attorneys and volunteer observers, who were in the Granite State on Election Day, determined. Nov 17, 2014 9:59 PM PT

FCC Versus Free Speech

For centuries, our nation’s press has become accustomed to exercising its own news and editorial judgments largely free from government interference. It’s all part of the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of the press. But now, all of that could be about to change, if Obama administration officials have their way. Nov 17, 2014 7:38 PM PT

The IRS-Benghazi Congress

In many ways, the results from last week’s elections confirm what you already know as a supporter of Judicial Watch: voters are sick and tired of the Obama administration’s lawlessness. The newly elected Congress has a firm mandate to clean up Washington and put the Obama administration (and, frankly, itself) back under the rule of law. Nov 13, 2014 2:18 PM PT

Study: Non-Citizen Votes May Have Tipped 2008 Election for Obama

European leftists prefer American presidents who are critics of capitalism and fans of redistribution. The same is typically true of others foreigners, according to various surveys that show a Democrat candidate could win in presidential contests where foreigners had a voice at the ballot box. Nov 3, 2014 6:19 PM PT

Judicial Watch Watching the Polls in New Hampshire

You know that in close, competitive elections voter fraud can make the difference between the rule by law and rule by fraud. That’s why we are sending a team of lawyers and volunteer observers to New Hampshire on Election Day as part of our Election Integrity Project. Nov 3, 2014 7:57 AM PT

Judicial Watch's Fast and Furious Breakthrough

Judicial Watch has finally forced the Obama Department of Justice (DOJ) to provide a detailed listing of all the records it has withheld from Congress and the American people about the deadly Operation Fast and Furious scandal and its cover-up. The documents, as we suspected, detail the personal involvement of outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder in managing the DOJ’s media strategy and its response to congressional investigations. Oct 28, 2014 6:19 AM PT

DHS Stonewalls FOIA Request on Advance Knowledge of Border Surge Crisis

Apparently, President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) knew well before the “surge” what the consequences of the administration’s lax enforcement of immigration laws would be. On January 29, 2014, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE), a division of DHS, posted a document available online entitled “Request for Information (RFI)/Sources Sought” that asked for “Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children” or UACs. Oct 27, 2014 11:44 PM PT

Exclusive: Obama Plans to Import Ebola-infected Foreigners from Other Countries

The news out of New York, contrary to what President Obama and other top government officials have said, is that the Ebola crisis appears to be getting worse in the U.S. Judicial Watch is striving to pry loose the truth from reticent federal agencies that have a responsibility for public safety and our national security. Oct 27, 2014 2:37 PM PT

No More Delay for Obama's Fast and Furious Reckoning

When you’re going head-to-head with a deliberately obstructionist Department of Justice (DOJ), it’s important to set deadlines. I am pleased to report that the U.S. District Court for the District of Colombia has ruled that the DOJ must submit a “Vaughn index” list of documents by October 22 in our continuing battle to unearth the truth about the Obama administration’s Operation Fast and Furious gun-running scandal. Oct 1, 2014 9:20 AM PT

Judicial Watch Asks Court for Discovery in IRS Scandal

When a government agency becomes abusive and recalcitrant, that agency calls for the need of vigorous, legal challenge. That’s why Judicial Watch is pleased to report that we have filed a Motion for Limited Discovery in our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service. Sep 24, 2014 4:12 PM PT

Judicial Watch Unearths Jaw-Dropping IRS Scandal Bombshell

How’s this for a jaw-dropping revelation? Department of Justice (DOJ) attorneys for the IRS finally admitted in a phone conversation to Judicial Watch that Lois Lerner’s emails weren’t “missing” after all. Sep 3, 2014 10:07 PM PT


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