Fitton: President-Elect Biden Certified

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden meet with FBI Director James Comey (3rd R), Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson (L), Director of the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) Nicholas Rasmussen (R), and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates (2nd R) in the Oval Office of the White House June 13, …
Alex Wong/Getty Images

To give some perspective on the controversies we’ve witnessed in this election, remember that four years ago this week Obama, Biden,and Comey were talking about spying on and targeting Donald Trump and his team for prosecution.

In my view, the election results in the various battleground states were compromised by unlawful rule changes that led to votes being counted that shouldn’t have been counted. State legislatures, the courts – in particular the Supreme Court – and Congress failed to seriously grapple with these and other problems. It is shameful. And the inexcusable and deadly violence at the U.S. Capitol is being used by the Left to suppress all its conservative and other principled opposition. The Leftists at Big Tech are banning conservatives for even talking about election fraud!

The Left is even talking about impeachment again! They don’t, as they claim, want to remove our president because he incited violence. He didn’t – and they don’t care much about violence as they endorse and use it regularly. No, they want to abuse impeachment again to undermine someone who is likely to be an effective opposition voice.

So, as we look ahead, you won’t be able to rely on the corrupt media or Congress to hold the government to account. Judicial Watch will be only game in town, more or less, when it comes to investigating and litigating over government corruption in the new Biden administration. 


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