Fitton: Big Tech Censorship Out of Control as Left Abuses Donald Trump with Sham Impeachment

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I’ve joined many others, including the President of the United States, in being locked out of Twitter for posting a tweet about hydroxychloroquine that I posted time and time again and that Twitter had already found to be in compliance with its rules. Without warning, Twitter told me that not only did I have to take it down but that even if I did I’d be locked out for seven days. 

Judicial Watch’s Twitter account was purged of nearly 200,000 followers, and I’ve lost over 10 percent of my followers. Fair-minded Americans are concerned that our civil liberties, especially the God-given right of free speech, is being censored by these private actors that have this unique role in our nation’s public life and that control our ability to communicate.

No one would say Big Tech can keep people off because of their race, so why can they keep people off because of their political beliefs?

(I discussed this issues in interview with Fox & Friends first and Newsmax recently.)

I “appealed” the Twitter lockout but Twitter has ignored my appeal which is no surprise because we all know that this is not about HCQ, it is about finding a pretext to silence another leading conservative voice. Facebook/Instagram is also targeting conservatives and Judicial Watch will be at risk for more suppression from the leftists controlling Big Tech. 

I suggest you pop over to our website ( and share your postal and email addresses so Judicial Watch can keep in direct contact with you about our essential work to uncover and stop government corruption. Our heavy lifting will intensify for the rule of law despite the censorship — with your support!

You can see our work is needed more than ever as the Pelosi House abused President Trump with a baseless and malicious second impeachment of President Trump! 

The latest Trump impeachment is a violation (again) of due process and undermines the rule of law. There is no evidence President Trump incited violence or insurrection. A summary, snap impeachment imposed without any hearing, any evidence or providing President Trump the ability to defend himself is fundamentally unjust. 

The Left once again has rolled over the civil rights of President Trump to score political points.

But this abuse of power is “bipartisan,” as ten Republicans signed onto to an impeachment that would have the effect of criminalizing core political speech that has nothing to do with violence or insurrection.

This impeachment is meant to criminalize opposition to their agenda. Never letting a crisis go to waste, Democrats, allied media, and Big Tech have attacked the First Amendment rights of millions of Americans. Again, we have had mass censorship and purges on Twitter, the destruction of Parler, and outright bans on conservative speech related to the election debates. This impeachment seeks to effectively outlaw support for election integrity reform. 

The Senate should summarily dispose this sham impeachment as soon as possible.


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