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Charles Hurt

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The Nuclear Option: Trump Our Only Hope — Against Boredom

FARMVILLE, Va. | America, consider yourself warned. If you run Donald Trump off from the American political scene, you will have ruined your last, best chance to Make America Great Again and be forever condemned to torturously boring political debates the likes of which we saw here Monday night.


The Nuclear Option: Ted Cruz Loves Himself More Than Our Country

CLEVELAND — In the end, it was all about Ted Cruz. Delivering an unvetted speech before the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night, Ted Cruz — as is always his custom — carefully calculated just how to do it so it would benefit himself the most. And it backfired.


The Nuclear Option: The Melania

CLEVELAND, Oh — To hell with The Donald. Let’s hear it for The Melania! You can’t say the guy doesn’t like immigrants. He just likes them tough, strong, confident, glamorous, gorgeous — and legal. Becoming an American citizen, Melania Trump told


The Nuclear Option: Pence Most Boring Veep Pick in World History

By picking Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, real estate mogul Donald J. Trump would take a serious departure from the instinctual campaign style and gunslinging strategy that has served him so well and allowed him to pull some of the most unlikely spectacular political surprises in recent political times.


The Nuclear Option: Disarm the Terrorists (Not the Law Abiding)

Hillary wore white. Stepping into the klieg lights, she was — finally! — the blushing bride of the Democratic Party. Smiling, waving, tilting her head, clutching her fist to her chest as she surveyed her adorable fans. She stepped to the lectern and gazed lovingly into the teleprompter.