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Ezra Dulis

Ezra Dulis

Ezra Dulis is a Deputy Managing Editor for Breitbart News and he cannot grow facial hair.

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INDIANAPOLIS, IN - APRIL 27: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses the crowd during a campaign rally at the Indiana Farmers Coliseum on April 27, 2016 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Trump is preparing for the Indiana Primary on May 3.   (Photo by John Sommers II/Getty Images)

ABC News Bumps Donald Trump Delegate Count to 996

ABC News has updated its estimate of the current delegate totals in the Republican presidential primary, putting Donald Trump closer to the nomination than first thought after Tuesday night’s sweep of five states.

Donald Trump (C) looks on with Rick Santorm (L) as Mike Huckabee speaks during a Trump campaign rally raising funds for US military veterans at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa on January 28, 2016. 
US Republicans scrambling to win the first contest in the presidential nomination race were gearing for battle at high-profile debate in Iowa, but frontrunner Donald Trump is upending the campaign by defiantly refusing to attend. Trump's gamble has left the presidential race in uncharted waters just days before Iowans vote on February 1, insisting he will not back down in his feud with debate host Fox News.Instead,  the billionaire has doubled down, hosting a rogue, rival event for US military veterans at the same time that his own party is showcasing its candidates for president to all-important Iowa voters.
 / AFP / William EDWARDS        (Photo credit should read WILLIAM EDWARDS/AFP/Getty Images)

Live Updates: Donald Trump’s Veteran Fundraiser

Donald Trump, the frontrunner candidate in the Republican presidential primary, is skipping tonight’s debate hosted by Fox News and putting on a fundraiser for America’s military veterans as counter-programming. Follow Breitbart News for live updates on the event.

CLINTON, IOWA - JANUARY 23: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a campaign organizing event at Eagle Heights Elementary on January 23, 2016 in Clinton, IA. The Democratic and Republican Iowa Caucuses, the first step in nominating a presidential candidate from each party, will take place on February 1. (Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, Dogged by Bill’s Accusers, Tries to Project ‘Love and Kindness’

BuzzFeed Politics’ Ruby Cramer paints a portrait of a Hillary Clinton who is warm, relatable, idealistic, and misunderstood. Page-width photos, black and white with emoji-punctuated captions, present her as thoughtful, concerned with “openness” and “personal connection.” The end game for her presidential campaign, Cramer writes, is encouraging Americans to strive for “love and kindess”–a phrase that appears 13 times in the piece–placing Clinton’s intentions in stark contrast to “an election dominated by the language of anger and fear.”


Girls Season 4, ‘Female Author’ Review: Is Lena Dunham a Secret Men’s Rights Propagandist?

This week’s Girls is more evidence for my conspiracy theory that it’s actually written by The Manosphere–that group of bloggers united against feminism and preaching the saving power of masculinity. Not once but twice in “Female Author” do we see male characters calling out the women leads for being foolish or fake, and instead of defying their patriarchal judgment, the girls respond in submission and reward the men for showing some backbone.

AP Photo/Mandel Ngan, Pool

Live Updates: Barack Obama’s 2015 State of the Union Address

Breitbart News is providing live coverage of President Barack Obama’s 2015 State of the Union Address, with live updates during the President’s speech summarizing his remarks and capturing reactions from the Breitbart News team on Twitter. 11:00 PM EST: Live updates


Girls Season 4, ‘Triggering’ Review: Lena Dunham Delivers 2015’s First Bush Joke

The centerpiece of “Triggering” has a room full of Hannah Horvath’s peers reciting various real-world critiques of Lena Dunham, sounding pretentious and shallow as they put her writing through the wringer. And yet, to her credit, Dunham balances it with even more self-effacing–depicting herself as thin-skinned, deceptive, selfish, and out of her depth.


Girls, Season 4 Premiere: ‘Iowa’ Review

HBO’s Girls continues to walk a dichotomous tightrope: its sympathy for bubble-dwelling white Millennial princesses and its simultaneous recognition of the people who find their entitlement repulsive.