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Predictions for an Out of Touch Oscar Night

For years now, people wonder why the Oscar ceremony has been struggling with declining ratings. A glance at this year’s nominees should clear that up for all but the densest person (which leaves it a mystery to a lot of

'Arthur Christmas' Review: Santa Claus, Inc.

For years now, Christmas movies about Santa have veered in a different, more corporate direction. They’ve viewed the holiday as a combination of mysticism and technical know-how, with a Santa and elves that run the North Pole like an industry.

'Thor' Review: A Blockbuster with Substance

Thor, perhaps the most Shakespearean of Marvel Comics heroes, is a refreshingly fun adaptation of another comic character destined for franchise glory. In an inspired piece of hiring, “Thor” is directed by Kenneth Branagh, famous for his numerous Shakespeare adaptations.

Countdown to the Oscars: My Predictions

The Academy Awards have been a big deal to me for years. I throw a party replete with tons of booze and food and those Oscar pools we hear so much about. This has little to do with the nominees,

Thou Shalt Not Criticize Aaron Sorkin!

I’d never felt compelled to comment on anything at The Huffington Post before, though they routinely posted items so vitriolic and egregiously idiotic as to tempt me. I’m more of a Corner (at NRO) or a Big Hollywood type of