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Donald Trump, Megyn Kelly

3 Reasons Resuming the Feud with Megyn Kelly is Bad Strategy for Donald Trump

The feud between Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly heated up again Monday night as Kelly returned to air after a 10-day vacation. Trump took to Twitter saying he liked the show better while Kelly was away and suggesting her vacation was the result of their previous dust up (something Fox denies). Trump also retweeted others criticizing Kelly, including one person who wrote, “The bimbo back in town. I hope not for long.”

Secretary of State-designate and U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) refuses to take questions while waiting for an elevator with her press secretary Philippe Reines at the U.S. Capitol January 7, 2009 in Washington, DC. Senate Democratic leadership said it will work to find a way for Roland Burris to be sworn in as a senator from Illinois to fill the seat vacated by President-elect Barack Obama. Burris' appointment has been held up by the Illinois secretary of state because it was made by Gov. Rod Blagojevich who is being investigated for alleged corruption related to the appointment.

State Dept. Finds 17,855 Missing Hillary Clinton Adviser Emails

The State Department now says it has so many documents that are responsive to the initial request that it will need to issue a group of them every 30 days until all 17,855 have been released. State adds that it is unable to even estimate how long the total production will take.

Carly vs DNC

DNC Posts Sexist Attack on Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina was almost universally acclaimed the winner of the Fox News debate Thursday night. She was also the only candidate who drew the attention of the Democratic National Committee on Twitter during the debate.

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