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Are BRICS Countries Bailing on the Dollar?

Are BRICS Countries Bailing on the Dollar?

At the last BRICS summit held in March in New Delhi, development banks of the participating countries agreed on a proposal to extend credit in local currency for trade, project financing and infrastructure projects. So far, no clear mechanism on

Peter Diamond: Third Time's a Charm?

Dr. Peter Diamond has once again found himself in the cross-hairs of Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama, the highest ranking Republican serving on the Senate Banking Committee. A Nobel laureate and MIT professor, Diamond has been nominated three times for

Stop By Your Local Bank of China

The news is in. Even you can open an account at the Bank of China in New York or Los Angeles. But you have to hurry, trading will be limited. What does this bank account entail? According to the Wall

We're Better Off Without the 'Build America Bonds'

The municipal bond market is having a tough time today largely in part of looming rumors concerning the expiration of the Build America Bond or ‘BAB’ program. After all, this program was omitted from Obama’s tax deal with Republicans. As