Weinstein: Michael Moore Expected to Backpedal ‘Cowards’ Smear


Producer Harvey Weinsten suggested Tuesday that Michael Moore is preparing to backpedal his comments about snipers being “cowards,” and added that Moore “may have gotten misquoted” in his … own tweet where he defamed all snipers as “cowards.”

The Hill:

When asked Tuesday about the brewing controversy surrounding Moore’s social media remarks, the film studio exec and Weinstein Company co-founder told “CBS This Morning” host Charlie Rose, “I think Michael Moore may have gotten misquoted. And I think that he and [the ‘American Sniper’ team] might get together, my inside sources tell me.” …

“I think it’s something about his family looked at snipers a certain way and then that became a quote like ‘snipers are cowardly.’ It wasn’t a reaction, I don’t think, to this movie. I think people put two quotes together,” Weinstein said.

No one is buying this absurd excuse that on the very weekend a movie called “American Sniper” sucked all the oxygen out of the nation, Moore published an out-of-the-blue tweet claiming snipers are “cowards.”

Weinstein also said that Moore is meeting with the team behind “American Sniper” and that he intends to “clarify his position” today, as well:

“But I think Michael’s going to come out today and clarify his position, from what I understand, about the whole sniper issue.”

On top of the “cowards” comment, Moore also tweeted an outright lie about “American Sniper” with the false claim that “Iraqis are called “savages” throughout the film.”

The only people referred to “savages” throughout “American Sniper” are terrorists. Moore is not alone in intentionally conflating “terrorist” and Iraqis” as a way to defame a war hero as a racist, The Wrap’s Steve Pond did the same Monday.

The Left is bitter and furious over the 100% flop-rate of their anti-American movies, while the patriotic “American Sniper” and “Lone Survivor” rake in the cash. They can’t stand any setback in the culture wars and as a result are left hurling slander and dishonesty. Also hypocrisy: never forget that these are the very same people who wanted to see every innocent Iraqi dead. 

John Nolte on Twitter @NolteNC