CNN's Tapper Cites Incidents with One Fatality as Examples of 'Mass Shootings'

CNN's Tapper Cites Incidents with One Fatality as Examples of 'Mass Shootings'

During the introduction to a June 12 segment on CNN’s The Lead, host Jake Tapper lumped attacks with one fatality together with attacks resulting in multiple deaths to suggest an increase in “mass shootings.”

According to Tapper:

In the past week alone the country has been horrified by the images on our televisions. A 15-year-old high school student shot a classmate to death in Oregon, no one seems to know why; two policeman and another hero outside a Wal-Mart killed in Las Vegas by some sick husband and wife team; and a 26-year-old took inspiration from Columbine and killed a student on a Seattle college campus. 

Tapper went on to say that President Obama “calls it a one day story and suggests that mass shootings are on the rise.” 

Although Tapper then introduced Northeastern University criminologist James Alan Fox, who argued against Obama’s position, it is important to note Tapper’s not-so-subtle inclusion of single murders into the mix with attacks that took multiple lives. 

In fact, two of the three incidents Tapper cited were single murders, not “mass shootings.”

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