Britain Summons Russian Ambassador Over Flight MH17

Britain Summons Russian Ambassador Over Flight MH17

Britain’s new Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has summoned the Russian Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s to discuss the securing of the MH17 crash site.

Ambassador Alexander Vladimirovich Yakovenko was summoned to the Foreign Office this afternoon to meet Political Director Simon Gass, who urged the Russian authorities to use all their influence to secure access to the crash site, both for accident investigators and expert victim identification teams.

Britain on Saturday said Russia was not exerting its influence over pro-Moscow separatists in eastern Ukraine to get them to allow international access to the Malaysian plane crash site.

“We’re not getting enough support from the Russians, we’re not seeing Russia using their influence effectively enough to get the separatists, who are in control of the site, to allow the access that we need,” Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond told reporters.

“The world’s eyes will be on Russia to see if she delivers.”

AFP contributed to this report