Obama Foreign Affairs Approval Lowest of Presidency

Obama Foreign Affairs Approval Lowest of Presidency

According to a new ABC News poll, Barack Obama’s foreign policy approval ratings, which were high early in his first term, have now dropped to a level equal to the lowest of his presidency, 47%.

Obama’s foreign policy had been approved by 54% of Americans just last December, but his mishandling of the Syrian crisis has left him with the lowest approval ratings since he took office. Thirty-three percent of Americans strongly disapprove of his policies, matching the highest percentage of Americans feeling this way during Obama’s tenure.

More specifically, only 36% of those polled approved of Obama’s actions regarding Syria; 56% disapproved.

Obama’s high-water mark for foreign policy approval came in April 2009, when 67% of those polled approved of his actions, but those figures have consistently hovered under 50% since early 2011, with a single spike last December at 54%.

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