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World Leaders Gather in London to Crack Down on Corruption

Prime Minister David Cameron gathered world leaders in London Thursday to crack down on corruption — but critics say his mission has been undermined by Britain’s tolerance for tax havens and his own indiscreet description of some attending nations as

Nigerian Leader, Kerry Join UK Anti-Corruption Summit

The presidents of Afghanistan, Colombia and Nigeria will join US Secretary of State John Kerry at an anti-corruption summit in London next week, which British leader David Cameron said Sunday will make the issue a global priority. The prime minister


China Chasing Hundreds of Billions from Casino Money Laundering

The former Portuguese colony of Macau took in $45 billion in gambling revenues in 2013, up 20% from the prior year and nearly seven times the action on the Las Vegas strip. But in the last six months, China’s President Xi Jinping has devastated the “Monte Carlo of the Orient” as he accelerates his anti-corruption campaign against vast layers of entrenched officials. Xi hopes his purge will deflect blame away from the Communist Party as China suffers its worst economic crisis in two decades.