LISTEN: Stephen K. Bannon’s Epic ‘Clinton Cash’ Rant — Bill and Hillary ‘Two Biggest Grifters to Ever Run for President’

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On Wednesday, Breitbart News Executive Chairman and SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon spoke with author Peter Schweizer about the release of their movie project based on Schweizer’s best-selling Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich.

Actually, Bannon did most of the talking, in an epic rant he humorously described as “Going Off the Rails,” beginning with an invitation for the Clintons to sue him for speaking frankly about their corruption because he would “love to do discovery on you collection of scumbags.”

Bannon said the Clintons were “the biggest set of grifters” ever to run for the White House.

He also said the audience at Tuesday’s screening of the Clinton Cash movie was “25 percent Democrats,” and “their heads blew up.”

“These are principally Bernie Sanders folks,” said Bannon. “They are decent, hard-working people, but a lot of them are socialists. A lot of them are with these NGOs, but they’re decent, hard-working people.” Bannon added:

When they saw one hour of Peter Schweizer’s book up there on the screen, with this collection of bandits, these grifters, that have basically taken everything these people have worked for – whether it’s nuclear proliferation, whether it’s global warming, whether it’s the rainforest, whether it’s human trafficking – you can take anything you want to take, and the Clintons have monetized it, on a global scale.

He said the Democrats in the audience were “pulling up the chairs and ready to fight.”

“It was absolutely amazing to see the response when you show this to Democrats, particularly the Bernie Sanders – and every one of them, to a person, as I walked out, said if only Bernie Sanders had gotten on top of this, it would have been a very different outcome in that primary.”

“Hillary Clinton, in the movie, says when they left the White House in 2000, not only were they ‘dead broke,’ she says they were in a lot of debt because of the Monica Lewinsky legal situation. Dead broke. That means zero in the year 2001,” Bannon noted, adding:

AP – the Associated Press, not Breitbart News, not some wingnut right-wing collection of guys with tinfoil hats, not Breitbart News, but the Associated Press – that their wealth, in 2015, two hundred million dollars. And $140 million of that, $140 million of the two hundred, came from the time she was secretary of state.

He said the “simple question the Clintons have to answer to the American people” was how they accumulated so much money, without generating any real business activity.

Schweizer stepped in to suggest that the Clinton’s “answer” to that question “would be that they’re wonderful philanthropic people, and you’re just picking on them.”

“They declare victim status whenever these questions are raised, and that’s sort of the irony here, right?” Schweizer continued. Elaborating, he stated:

I mean, the Clintons have made a history out of questioning the ethics and the values of people who have been successful in other walks of life, developing businesses, actually employing people. And yet, when you question how they have monetized public life, and public office, suddenly they become all protective and say, “Look, why are you indicting our ethics? That’s just unfair.”

He agreed with Bannon that it was surprising that Bernie Sanders did not make a bigger issue out of Clinton corruption in the primary because “he could have done substantial damage to her.”

Bannon said it would be interesting to watch the reaction after the Clinton Cash movie is posted “for the whole world to see” this weekend, digitally, for free.

“You know why we’re doing this? So many progressives and Democrats have come to us and said this film needed to be seen. Where the Clintons are going to be held accountable is by Democrats,” Bannon predicted. He added:

Where the Clintons are going to be held accountable is by progressives. Here’s who’s going to hold them accountable: those people that have sacrificed their lives at these NGOs, and these citizen activist groups. And while this audience, and myself, and Breitbart News ideologically does not agree with what they are, these are hard-working people that have sacrificed their lives, and they make no money.

“And they sit there and they watch that film, and they see in every vertical they’ve ever worked how the Clintons have dealt with the worst people in the world,” he declared. “Warlords, corrupt crooks — you can go from Columbia, to India, to sub-Saharan Africa, to Europe, to Asia, and wherever there’s somebody that needs a deal, the Clintons are there to monetize access.”

Once again daring the Clintons, and associates like Sidney Blumenthal, to sue him for saying so, Bannon charged:

This is Tammany Hall on a global scale. This is complete and total corruption. This is unprecedented in American history. They have sold out their own people. It’s one thing to sell somebody out for ideology. There’s another thing to sell them out for cold cash, and the Clintons have sold out their own people for cold cash. They are grifters.

“We are dying to get into discovery with you, and go through chapter and verse of your absolutely amoral corruption,” he taunted.

Bannon warned:

Hillary and Bill Clinton are the two biggest single grifters ever to run for President of the United States, and I throw guys like Roscoe Conkling and all the Tammany Hall corrupt S.O.B.s back in the 19th Century in that. These people are corrupt. They are corrupt from stem to stern, and if they get in the White House, it’s gonna be like the last days of Sodom, as far as the money-changing goes. It’s nothing but a money laundering operation.

Schweizer added that Democrat voters might like the Clintons right now “because of what their positions are,” but “the problem is, if you are outbid – if somebody offers them more money – they will turn on you. And that’s what I think a lot of supporters have to really think and absorb.”

Schweizer also said Bannon was correct that “ultimately, it’s going to be within the Democratic Party where the political accountability is going to come from,” much as occurred with Republicans during the Watergate crisis in the 1970s.

“What was it that did in Richard Nixon?” Schweizer asked. “It was not the Democrats, ultimately. It was when Republicans turned and said, ‘You know, enough is enough. This has gone too far. Nixon has gone too far,’ and they turned on him. That’s when Nixon had to resign.”

Schweizer said the bottom line was, “When you have somebody who monetizes everything, they don’t see the value in anything. They can turn on you on a dime, and they will turn on you on a dime, and I think a lot of progressives have experienced that because of all the talk about what they want to accomplish, on the things that are valuable to them.”

Bannon said that while the mainstream media was obsessed with stories like the charges of plagiarism over Melania Trump’s speech at the RNC, there was “not one question in 35 hours of debate” about anything in Clinton Cash.

“Folks out there have got to understand something,” Bannon said, adding:

Where you have all this contention about this populist, nationalist, Tea Party, whatever you want to call it, grassroots right and the Republican Establishment, and chapter and verse, you hear it every day on MSNBC and CNN, you never really hear that on the Left. And by the way, there is a simmering, burning anger with the progressive Left about the Clintons, about their corruption, their ownership by corporatism, their ownership by Wall Street and investment banks.

“By the way, not one Wall Street bank is here at this convention paying for anything,” he noted of the RNC, then said:

No corporatists are here. That’s the reason they had to run to Sheldon Adelson, to try to get $6 million; they haven’t paid for anything. The Democratic convention is the exact opposite. The corporatists are in charge of that party. The big banks are in charge of that party. The Clintons are totally beholden to a whole network of relationships, and Peter, you’ve nailed something: they have become transactional.

Bannon compared this to the fall of the Roman Empire, where senators were taking bids for their votes. “That’s what the Clintons represent: graft and corruption. It’s actually in their DNA.”

Bannon concluded the segment by announcing that the Clinton Cash team has been “invited by a very progressive group” to show the film, either next Sunday or next Tuesday, in Philadelphia, with both he and Schweizer on hand to answer questions.   

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