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Deutsche Bank (Hannelore Förster / Getty)

Deutsche Bank May Be on Verge of Lehman Brothers Moment

Following the U.S. Justice Department’s demand for $14 billion to settle a mortgage-backed securities probe, several big hedge funds moved their derivative holdings from Deutsche Bank to other firms to avoid the risk of another Lehman Brothers-style liquidity squeeze.

Senior German Lawmaker Says No More Aid For Ailing Banks

BERLIN, Sept 29 (Reuters) – Germany will not grant any more state aid for ailing banks, a senior lawmaker in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc said on Thursday, a day after the government denied it was working on a rescue plan for Deutsche Bank, its biggest lender.

Matthew Tyrmand: George Soros Made Billions from Brexit, But True Calling Is to ‘Engineer the Open Society, Borderless Utopia’

“The more I think about Soros, how he was positioned both into the Brexit, and how he was positioned for either outcome after, this could have been the greatest pump and dump in history,” said Breitbart News contributor Matthew Tyrmand, referring to left-wing billionaire George Soros, on Wednesday’s Breitbart News Daily.