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BBC Stages Eco Debate: Toxic Waste Gushes Forth

The BBC’s Daily Politics has just staged a party political debate on energy and climate change. It was every bit as awful as you would have expected: four politicians (Labour; Conservative; Green; Lib Dems) spouting pure, unadulterated drivel; one talking
Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins in the Death Camp of Tolerance

Katie Hopkins is in trouble again. Instead of welcoming boatloads of Libyan immigrants into Europe with open arms, she argues in her latest Sun column, we should be repelling them with gunboats and sending them back home. It begins: NO,

Obama: Cut Carbon or Your Kids Will Die of Asthma

President Obama has made a not-so-subtle attempt to personalise his administration’s war on “climate change” by linking it with his daughter Malia’s asthma. Nice try, Mr President. But the evidence just doesn’t stack up. While it’s true that the CDC

Ed Miliband Not that Weird Shock

Ed Miliband quite normal, shock. No, it’s not a story I want to read either. Like anyone even half way sane, I’m quite convinced that a government of which an unreconstructed Hampstead socialist like Miliband was leader would be an

ExxonMobil tells the Guardian where to stick it

The Guardian has run a piece attacking ExxonMobil for its stubborn, selfish refusal to stop being an oil business. Here’s how the oil giant responded when asked for a quote: “ExxonMobil will not respond to Guardian inquiries because of its

Richard III: Heroic Disability Victim

Until yesterday, I had imagined that the historical debate surrounding Richard III was a fairly simple one. Was he a) Richard Crookbook, the evil, scheming, hunchbacked tosser who murdered the Princes in the Tower and got his just comeuppance at

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