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Independence Day: David Cameron Is Ruined

“How would it be for David Cameron if he lost this Referendum?” When a BBC crew asked me this two days ago I don’t think either they or I imagined for a moment that this scenario would come to pass.

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Kids, You Just Got Britain Back!

Just heard the news that Britain has won her Independence. Wow! Let me tell you about the moment yesterday when I first thought it possible that the pollsters might be wrong. I was in a supermarket around 8pm buying some

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The Top 13 Reasons For Staying In The EU… Debunked

1. “It will create uncertainty.” (Usually followed by the phrase “…and business hates uncertainty…”) This is, literally, an infantile argument. Babies live in the present and want everything now. Grown ups understand the importance of deferred gratification – that is you


G7 Leaders: Vote Brexit And The World Will End

Just when you thought the scaremongering couldn’t get any worse, the leaders of the G7 nations have weighed in with their verdict on Britain’s EU referendum: apparently if the UK votes Leave it’s going to kill the global economy.