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Richard III: Heroic Disability Victim

Until yesterday, I had imagined that the historical debate surrounding Richard III was a fairly simple one. Was he a) Richard Crookbook, the evil, scheming, hunchbacked tosser who murdered the Princes in the Tower and got his just comeuppance at

The Guardian’s editor-in-chief hits peak stupid

I’d been meaning to write today about why Oxford University should divest itself of one of its zoology graduates. But I’m afraid that will have to wait because I’ve just read today’s Guardian cover story and have realised that the

I furkan derya to find a better name than Furkan Derya

Perhaps you’ve seen it on Twitter: the line from the Australian Daily Telegraph that the subs should have spotted but didn’t – with presumably dire consequences for the author responsible. Except, as Mark Steyn points out, this isn’t what actually

Sack Danny Cohen not Jeremy Clarkson

Suppose you were a shareholder in a leading international fast food chain – McDonalds, say – and the company’s new director of products announced that in the nutritional interests of the customers he’d now decided that, for their own good,

For Climate Alarmists Every Day is Groundhog Day

Here’s a piece by some angry bearded person at the Daily Beast which will annoy you. It’s titillatingly headlined Armageddon For Climate Deniers, which leads you to expect that perhaps, at long last, the alarmist establishment and their media propagandists

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