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For Climate Alarmists Every Day is Groundhog Day

Here’s a piece by some angry bearded person at the Daily Beast which will annoy you. It’s titillatingly headlined Armageddon For Climate Deniers, which leads you to expect that perhaps, at long last, the alarmist establishment and their media propagandists
Tim Montgomerie PEX Wikimedia

‘Government is Not the Enemy’. Oh really? Since when?

Oh great. A new manifesto arguing for “compassionate conservatism.” Only this time, the authors have hit on the ingenious variant “The Good Right.” I’d love to tell Tim Montgomerie and Stephan Shakespeare exactly what I think of their limp-wristed apologia

World’s Most Famous Yogic Railway Engineer in Hacking Scandal

Quick! Whip out your onions at once and shed a tear for the world’s most distinguished former railway engineer Dr Rajendra Pachauri. The jet-setting, cricket-loving, ice-shunning, meat-spurning, troll-impersonating chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has become accidentally

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