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David Cameron’s Dodgy Honours List: A Fitting Epitaph For A Rubbish Regime

I can think of only two explanations for David Cameron’s dodgy resignation honours list, in which he has showered knighthoods and gongs on all manner of cronies, lickspittles and catamites, ranging from his wife’s fashion stylist to the Labour apparatchik who ran the mendacious and unsuccessful Remain campaign, and which one former cabinet minister has described as “sticking two fingers up” at the Tory party.


Osborne Faces Rebellion Over Brexit Emergency Budget

LONDON (Reuters) – Chancellor George Osborne said on Wednesday he would introduce an emergency budget if Britain voted to leave the European Union, but 57 of his own Conservative Party’s lawmakers said they would block the measures. Britons will vote

Osborne ‘Wrong On Brexit Trade Warnings’

Chancellor George Osborne’s warning that every household would be £4,300 worse off if Britain leaves the European Union (EU) is based a false assumption about how much single market actually means for British trade. Treasury figures trumpeted by Mr Osborne

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Osborne Faces New Tory Rebellion Over Disability Benefits Cuts

LONDON (Reuters) – Chancellor George Osborne faced the prospect on Friday of a politically damaging and financially costly U-turn as dissent within his ruling Conservative Party grew over his plans to cut disability benefits. Osborne is seen as a contender

British Budget Extends Austerity, Cuts Growth Outlook

Britain unleashed a fresh wave of austerity on Wednesday in its latest annual budget and cut its growth outlook citing global markets turbulence rooted in China. Finance minister George Osborne, presenting his annual tax and spend plans, also warned that

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Osborne Warned: Make Banks Pay Their Fair Share of Tax

The chairman of an influential committee of British lawmakers has asked finance minister George Osborne to make clear that banks should not be able to offset regulatory fines against their corporation tax bills. In a letter sent to the Treasury,


Google to Pay £130 Million UK Back Taxes, Critics Want More

Google has agreed to pay £130 million in back taxes to Britain, prompting criticism from opposition lawmakers and campaigners who said the “derisory” figure smacked of a “sweetheart deal”. Google, now part of Alphabet Inc, has been under pressure in

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Britain Sees Worst October For Government Borrowing Since 2009

LONDON – British public finances recorded the worst deficit for any October since 2009, leaving Chancellor George Osborne (pictured above) a challenge to meet his borrowing goals as he prepares a major review of government spending. Britain’s headline public borrowing rose