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Liam Deacon

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Government Funded Group Depicts Brexit Voters As Racist ‘Thugs’

A government funded campaign group has released a “hard-hitting” poster depicting Brexit supporters as racist skinheads and Remain voters as oppressed ethnic minorities. The poster, produced by Operation Black Vote (OBV), was slammed by UKIP leader Nigel Farage as a “disgusting”


Immigration Jumps By 20,000 Weeks Before Brexit Vote

The last set of official immigration figures before Britain votes on its membership of the European Union (EU) shows net migration has risen to 333,000 – up 20,000 from December 2014 and the second highest level on record. The numbers,

Inflatable Migrant

‘Artists’ Tour Europe With Giant Inflatable Migrant 

A pair of Belgium “visual artists” are touring Europe with a giant, six-metre long inflatable migrant designed to make “intolerant” Europeans consider if mass migration is a “giant threat” or a “giant opportunity”. The “inflatable refugee” has already stopped for