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Transgender Ideology Abuses Kids, Say Doctors

Conservatives are rallying careful scientists and concerned parents to push back against the pharma-funded transgender ideology which insists that the government should help children try to change their sex via drugs, sterilization, castration and lifelong medical treatment.

Donald Trump vs. Ben Carson: Energy vs. Ideology

The intriguing similarity between Donald Trump and Ben Carson is that both continually defy conventional wisdom and flourish despite coordinated media/Democrat attacks. That’s partially because so many voters have come to despise the corrupt system, and they’re weary of hyper-sensitive freakout-prone popular culture.

Blue State Blues (Breitbart)

Blue State Blues: Israel Is a Failed Socialism’s Great Success

TEL AVIV — May 1 is still a significant day in Israel. There are marches through the center of Tel Aviv celebrating May Day and the solidarity of the international working class. (The international working class has shown considerably less interest in solidarity with Israel, but never mind.) Today, Israel is more “start-up nation” than workers’ paradise, known more for the entrepreneurship of its Internet millionaires than for the power of its labor unions or the collectivism of the kibbutz.


NYT: US Struggling to Defang ISIS Ideology

The U.S. Commander of American Special Operations forces in the Middle East is tapping outside government experts in search of innovative ideas to use in the fight against the Islamic State’s ideology, reports The New York Times.