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The US Department of Commerce has launched "dumping" proceedings against foreign steel firms, including two German producers -- suspecting they may be selling stock at unfairly low prices to undercut US producers

Woodson: Trump Has Opportunity to Protect Steel Industry

President Donald J. Trump campaigned in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania on a campaign to bring jobs home to America. The Trump Administration has been working on a “steel investigation” to study the national security implications of Chinese dumping of steel on the world markets. Right now, President Trump can keep his promise to bring back coal, steel, and energy jobs back to American workers.

China's operating steelmaking capacity increased by 36.5 million tonnes in 2016 -- more than twice as much as the total production capacity of Britain, says a report

Trump Considering ‘Explosive’ Executive Order on Unfair Trade

A White House official told Breitbart News that it is likely any executive order to emerge prior to the investigation into trade deficits is completed would be narrowly tailored to commodities and metals such as steel and aluminum and wouldn’t include broader manufactured goods such as appliances.

China Accuses EU of Protectionism Over New Steel Taxes

BEIJING (AFP) – Beijing has accused the European Union of “protectionist” behaviour after Brussels imposed anti-dumping duties on Chinese steel products, as it seeks to protect struggling steel makers in Europe. The EU Commission said Friday it would impose taxes of between