Nolte: Bernie Sanders Is a Born Loser Who Won’t Fight Like a Real Marxist

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders speaking with attendees at the 2019 Iowa Democratic Wing Ding at Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa.
Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Bernie Sanders thinks like a Marxist, holds the beliefs of a Marxist, but he fights like a punk.

You know, Bernie, this is it, bro. You’re 78 years old… This really is it. You either win this one, or you’re remembered as a born loser, as opposed to a revolutionary.

What kind of revolutionary rolls over like a whipped puppy, especially when the only thing standing between him and the revolution is a frail and feeble Joe Biden, a corrupt and corrupted member of the elite, an establishment stooge backed by billionaires, bankers, and the bourgeois?

No one’s asking for Bernie to go the full Stalin. Before the Russian Revolution in 1917, Stalin was a thug, a murderer, a bandit, a bank robber… Castro was a gangster. Bernie won’t even bring up Biden’s corruption in Ukraine.

Mao and Che lived through years of deprivation in service to the revolution. Bernie doesn’t even have the stones to live through a couple of bad news cycles to warn people about Biden’s obvious mental decline.

Ho Chi Minh gave up a comfortable life to live in jungle caves. Bernie isn’t even demanding Joe Biden be required to stand up during their next debate.

What a loser this guy is.

But what should we expect from a millionaire Marxist with three homes, including a cushy summer home?

What should we expect from a career politician who spent thirty years doing nothing of importance as a U.S. Senator from a state no bigger than the average parking lot in Texas?

If you poke at a newborn kitten, it will at least try to give you a swat. Not Bernie. Oh, no… the establishment can poke him, rob him, bend him over a table and steal the nomination from him, and all this soft, little limousine Marxist will say is “Joe Biden’s a good man.”

Who does he think he is, Mitt Romney?

Bernie Bros? This is your guy? Really? Was a wet noodle not available? Next time, just run a guy in a Minnie Mouse costume.

Not to belabor the point, but what kind of revolutionary still stands by his comments about Castro and China but plays nice with the DNC?

Bernie’s not dumb. Bernie is plenty tough when he wants to be. So, you know what I think…? I think he’s a grifter, a con man… He talks a good game, and he rakes in the money — all those millions… And in the twilight of his life, he’s enjoying the adulation of big crowds and attention and the spotlight and an opportunity to speak on the national stage… But when it comes to doing something that will make his life uncomfortable, that will separate him from the DNC/Media trough, he just won’t do it.

Bernie is too old, too comfortable, too rich, and protecting all of that comes before anything, most especially the revolution.

And all I can say to those of you who funded his vanity campaign to the tune of around 140 million dollars is… suckas!

Your guy won’t even fight! It’s the last round and he won’t even take a swing!

Well, now you know how stupid I felt backing Mitt Romney and John McCain. 

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