Joe Biden Names Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti as Co-Chair on Vice Presidential Selection Committee

Eric Garcetti (Justin Sullivan / Getty)
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was chosen to be one of four co-chairs on Joe Biden’s vice presidential selection committee Thursday.

“Garcetti, former Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd, Delaware Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester and Apple executive and longtime Biden aide Cynthia Hogan will serve as co-chairs on the committee,” according to ABC 7.

Biden knew that selecting a running mate was one of the most important decisions made during a presidential campaign, said campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon in a statement.

“These four co-chairs reflect the strength and diversity of our party, and will provide tremendous insight and expertise to what will be a rigorous selection and vetting process,” she commented.

However, Breitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer, author of Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite and president of the Government Accountability Institute, named Garcetti among the progressive leaders covered in his book on whether the Bidens believed they were above the law.

“The common theme [of Profiles in Corruption] is to really investigate them from the standpoint: What have they done with the power they have had?” Schweizer told radio host Mark Levin on January 21.

Schweizer noted:

These progressives are saying, “Give us more power. We will take care of you,” and what I think the book demonstrates clearly is the power that they have already now, they have abused it. They’ve used it for their own self interest, for the profit of their family, to advance their political careers, and it’s really abuse of power in the true sense of the word, not what’s being discussed on Capitol Hill — but real abuse of power.

January 29, Schweizer explained how Garcetti created a “mayor’s fund” through which developers who wanted to renovate hotels and apartment buildings or build new ones could get special favors and concessions.

“They need to donate to his campaign, but they also need to put it in the other pocket, the mayor’s fund, which he then passes out — doles out — to people that endorse him, people that support his campaign,” he said during an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily.

There were also several cases that involved people in the city’s fire department who were supposed to do safety inspections of projects, according to Schweizer.

“What ends up happening, they weren’t actually doing them, but because the fire union endorsed [Eric Garcetti] and supported him, he just basically brushes that stuff away. It’s a protection racket. It’s basically a mafia-type system,” he concluded.

In a statement on January 9, Garcetti endorsed Biden and said he would never forget what the former vice president did for his city and the nation.

“We need Joe Biden to bring our nation and world together during these most divided and dangerous times,” the mayor concluded.


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