***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Pennsylvania Rally

President Donald Trump speaks at a rally at Minden-Tahoe Airport in Minden, Nev., Saturday
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President Donald Trump will hold a Tuesday evening campaign rally in Moon Township, Pennsylvania.

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8:58 PM: As he concludes his rally, Trump vows to ban “deadly sanctuary cities” and make America the manufacturing superpower of the world. He says we will “end our reliance on China once and for all.” He vows to “make our medical supplies right here in the United States, right here in Pennsylvania.”

8:56 PM: Trump says people who never even thought about coming to America would flood across the border if Biden won the White House and Democrats gave free health care to illegal immigrants.

8:55 PM: Trump now mocking Harris again for quitting before she got to Iowa in the primaries. Trump again says nobody treated Biden as badly as Harris did. Trump says he thinks Harris is “grossly incompetent” and is rated more liberal than Bernie.

8:50 PM: Trump says under his administration, “we’ve achieved the most secure border in American history and we are finishing that wall.”

8:48 PM: Trump says he was elected to fight for Pittsburgh and not for Paris and that’s why he took America out of the Paris Climate Accord.

Trump says this is an election between Pennsylvania and China. He says if Biden wins, China wins.

He says for decades politicians spent trillions rebuilding foreign nations, fighting foreign wars that never ended and defending foreign borders.

8:47 PM: Trump says Biden supported “every globalist betrayal of Pennsylvania for the last half-century.”

He says Biden was a “cheerleader” for NAFTA, which Trump says was the worst trade deal for Pennsylvania. Trump says Biden “shouldn’t be asking for your vote. He should be begging for your for forgiveness.”

8:45 PM: Trump says Rep. Conor Lamb (D-PA) turned out to be a “stone-cold phony.” Trump says he thought Lamb was a Republican when he first saw his ads and then found out that he was a Democrat.

8:37 PM: Trump says Sleepy Joe doesn’t have any power over these “depraved lunatics.” He says if Biden wins, he is not sure if the country will ever recover because you will lose all rights, your Constitution will be worthless, and cities will be filled with rioters.

“They will go to your suburbs next,” Trump says after saying they will “rip your cities apart.”

8:34 PM: Trump talks about left-wing agitators funded by stupid rich people who are pelting people with “cans of tuna.” Trump says he was going to turn the rioters in because “there was no social distancing.” Trump says the National Guard in Minnesota threw a reporter aside like he was a “bag of popcorn” and cleared out the rioters. He says it is a “beautiful sight.” Trump says he hasn’t heard any problems since in Minneapolis.

8:31 PM: Trump talks about all of the police officers who have endorsed him. Trump wonders how police officers could endorse people who “hate you” and “don’t respect the job you do.” Trump talks about sheriffs who have endorsed him from Texas to Florida.

8:28 PM: Loud chants of “USA!” as Trump talks up his 1776 Commission. He says we will teach our children the truth that America is the most exceptional nation on the face of the earth and getting better every day. He rips left-wing radicals for trying to indoctrinate children with poisonous anti-American lies.

8:25 PM: Trump says he hopes “women in the suburbs” would read these stories about how he “got rid of a regulation.” Trump says a big part of the American Dream are minorities who made it and live in the suburbs. “And they don’t want to be next to a project,” Trump says.

8:22 PM: Trump defends with relationship with Putin and Kim Jong-Un. He says it’s a “good thing” when countries don’t go to war.

8:19 PM: Trump says he wants a drug test for Biden at the debate. He says he’ll take one too. Trump says Biden is going to “get something” before the debates. Trump says Biden performed so poorly at the debates but he was “average” during his debate with Bernie. Trump says he wondered “what the hell was he taking.” Trump also says “Crazy Bernie” is a “good loser.” He asks if they have ever seen a “better loser” than Bernie.

8:18 PM: Trump says “we will crush the virus” and “our opponents… will crush America.” Trump says Biden “doesn’t know he’s alive.”

8:16 PM: Trump says he did an A+ job in the Coronavirus response but gives himself a D grade in public relations.

8:15 PM: Trump says his administration lifted 6.6 million people out of poverty in three years and built the greatest economy in the country’s history. He says his administration saved 1.4 million jobs in Pennsylvania.

8:11 PM: Trump says it makes the left “very unhappy” that his administration has secured the country’s borders.

8:05 PM: Trump says he’s working his “ass off” on the campaign trail while there is a “lid” on Biden’s events for the day. He is now going off on Hillary Clinton’s emails and Jim Comey, whom Trump calls “another beauty.” He says “getting rid of that guy was a smart move.” He says they “caught ’em cold” spying on his campaign. Trump says “let’s see what happens… to these treasonous crooks.”

8:00 PM: Trump asks the supporter with the wall jacket to stand up. Trump says he wants to get one of those jackets. Trump says Mexico is “paying for the wall” at the border. He talks about all the trucks going back and forth. He says we have the most secure border in terms of drug trafficking.

7:57 PM: Trump says the appointment of a Supreme Court Justice was much more important to the voters than he thought. Trump says they will “set policy” for 50 years, whether it’s life or the Second Amendment. Trump says if he were not president, the Second Amendment would be “obliterated.” Trump says he is a “blocking force” like a lineman for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

7:55 PM: Trump says he is going to make a play for New York. But he says he doesn’t have to make a play for Pennsylvania because “we’ve got Pennsylvania.” Trump says Republicans never won Pennsylvania even though they thought they were going to win and he came along and won the state “quite easily.” Trump says he stopped steel dumping and saved the state’s steel industry after he got elected.

7:53 PM: Trump asks if Pennsylvania’s churches are still closed, and he says they are doing this to hurt his candidacy. Trump tells the crowd “when” they see “shenanigans,” please report it to the authorities.

7:50 PM: Trump says he will announce his Supreme Court pick on Saturday at the White House. “Watch the abuse that she will take,” Trump says.

7:47 PM: Trump mocks “Sleepy Joe” for wearing a mask and wonders if he will wear a mask during the debates. Trump wonders why Biden got all that plastic surgery if he is going to wear a mask all the time. He says the mask makes Biden feels comfortable. “Whatever makes you feel good is okay with me,” Trump says.

7:42 PM: Trump mocks AOC’s Green New Deal. Trump says she was not a good student but has a “good line of crap” even though she is “not good at anything.”

Trump says AOC is not as bad as Ilhan Omar. Trump says he will win Minnesota because of Omar. Trump says we don’t need socialists and communists telling us how to run our country.

7:39 PM: Trump asks if Pennsylvania how big they are when it comes to energy. He says no longer is America at the mercy of foreign suppliers and all the nations that took advantage of America’s dependence on oil.

Trump says we are going to keep it this way and we are always going to have it this way. Trump says his opponents want wind instead of petroleum.

7:38 PM: Trump says he won Pennsylvania in 2016 and he is up a lot more than the “fake news”polls.

He says Biden is against “oil, guns, and God.”

7:37 PM: Trump says this election is a “matter of economic survival” for Pennsylvania. Trump talks about how his administration achieved “energy independence” and reminds voters that he is not the candidate who said “we are going to ban fracking.”

He says the radical left will not get away with Biden supporting even a little bit of fracking.

7:35 PM: Rally about to get started. Trump gets to the podium and the crowd chants “USA!”

Trump thanks Pittsburgh for always treating him well.

Trump gives Big Ben and the Pittsburgh Stillers a shout out.

Trump says we are going to defend our jobs, borders, and our “treasured way of life.”

7:22 PM: Air Force One has landed. Crowd eagerly waiting for Trump.

7:12 PM: Trump expected to land shortly.

7:09 PM: Trump a bit behind schedule:

6:50 PM: Another energetic crowd outside of Pittsburgh for the president:


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