Jemele Hill Blames ‘White People’ if Trump Gets Reelected ‘No One Else’

Jemele Hill
Getty Images/Emma McIntyre

Donald Trump has not, at the time of this writing, been reelected president of the United States. However, a former ESPN host and outspoken critic of the president seems alarmed at that he will be reelected, and she’s blaming “white people.”

On Tuesday night, as reports showing Trump pulling away in Florida and a number of other states, former ESPN host and current Atlantic writer Jemele Hill took to Twitter and let her followers know who was to blame should Trump get reelected.

Hill’s preemptive racial strike flies in the face of early voting and election day voting data which showed President Trump performing extremely well with Hispanics.

In fact, exit polling showed Trump outperforming himself with every demographic group except white men.

Hill’s comments also flies in the face of reported low turnout in black communities in Michigan, and other traditional Democrat strongholds.
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