***Live Updates*** Election 2020 Results – Day 1 – Part 2

In this June 23, 2020, file photo voting stations are set up in the South Wing of the Kentucky Exposition Center for voters to cast their ballot in the Kentucky primary in Louisville, Ky. Just over four months before Election Day, President Donald Trump is escalating his efforts to delegitimize …
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Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates throughout evening as voters decide whether to give President Donald Trump a second term.

All times Eastern.

Table of contents:

3:20 AM: PA Gov:

3:17 AM:

3:15 AM:

3:13 AM: Maine: AP calls for Biden.

3:10 AM: Chris Wallace on Fox News:

Brian Williams on MSNBC:

GOP’s Ben Ginsberg on CNN:


3:05 AM: Arizona: AP calls it for Biden, Kelly:

2:50 AM: Wisconsin:

2:35 AM: Reactions: Left, media: “Autocratic,” “Fascist.”

2:23 AM: Trump now speaking at the White House. He says “this is without question the latest press conference” he has ever had. Trump thanks the American people for their tremendous support. Trump says “a very sad group of people” is trying to “disenfranchise” people who voted for him.

“We won’t stand for it,” Trump says.

He says he was getting ready for a big celebration. He says he was winning everything and, all of a sudden, it was called off. Trump says the citizens of the country have come out in record numbers to support “this incredible movement.” He says he was not expected to win Florida and he ended up winning it by a lot.”

Trump says he has won Georgia and North Carolina and says “they can’t catch us.” Trump says he has a “lot of life” in Arizona because there are a lot of votes from “Trump territory.” Trump rips Fox News for saying it is “fairly unlikely” Trump will win Arizona. Trump says he doesn’t even need Arizona.

Trump says most importantly he is winning Pennsylvania by a tremendous amount. Trump talking about tremendous wins in Florida, Texas, Ohio, and North Carolina.

Trump says all of a sudden everything just stopped. Trump says this is a “fraud” on the American public and an embarrassment. Trump claims he won the election and says the goal, for the integrity of the nation, is for the law to be used in a proper manner. Trump says he will be going to the U.S. Supreme Court to get all voting to start because he doesn’t want Democrats finding ballots in the morning. Trump says he has already won the election and thanks all of the people who has worked with his campaign. He now invites Pence up to say a few words.

Pence thanks Trump and thanks all of the voters who voted for the Trump-Pence ticket. Pence says they will remain vigilant to “protect the integrity of the vote.” Pence says he believes with all of his heart that, because of the voters Trump inspired, that they are on the road to victory and will make American great again, again.

2:13 AM: South Carolina: No blue wave:

2:10 AM: Wisconsin:

2:02 AM: Trump is getting ready to address the nation from the White House:

2:01 AM: Arizona:

1:59 AM: Pennsylvania:

1:55 AM: Montana: Sen. Daines wins re-election:

1:50 AM: California: Voters still dislike affirmative action policies even after demographic changes:

1:40 AM: Georgia:

1:35 AM: Texas:

1:30 AM: Minnesota: Smith keeps seat for Democrats.

1:15 AM: Arizona:

1:12 AM: Texas: AP calls it for Trump.

1:09 AM: Santorum, on CNN, is very optimistic about Trump’s chances of winning Pennsylvania because a lot of the early vote came from heavily-Biden areas.

1:03 AM: Nebraska:

12:59 AM: Dana Perino on Fox News:

12:55 AM: Michigan: John James running a bit ahead of Trump:

12:47 AM: Trump:


12:42 AM: Biden speaking at his drive-in rally in Delaware with cars honking. He says “your patience is commendable.” Biden says he feels good about where he is. Biden says he believes he’s on track to win this election. He says people need to be “patient” because of the unprecedented early vote.

“It ain’t over until every vote is counted, every ballot is counted,” Biden says. “We feel good about where we are.” Biden says he is in the game in Georgia and feels good about Wisconsin and Michigan. Biden says he is going to win Pennsylvania.

12:30 AM: Iowa: Trump projected to win.

12:25 AM: DCCC chair Bustos in trouble.

12:17 AM: Minnesota: AP projects Biden win.

12:15 AM: Arizona and Georgia:

12:10 AM: Wisconsin:

12:05 AM: Never Trumpers all over the place:

12:03 AM: Ohio: CNN also calls it for Trump.

12:01 AM: Polls closed in Hawaii.

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