***Live Updates*** Day 5: 2020 Election Results

A voter cast her mail-in ballot at in a drop box in West Chester, Pa., prior to the primary election, Thursday, May 28, 2020. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
AP Photo/Matt Rourke

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President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are battling over Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada.

All times Eastern.

9:10 PM:

9:05 PM:

8:55 PM:

8:52 PM: Biden “too many dreams have been deferred for too long.” Biden asks for the “demonization of people” to end and he talks about an opportunity to bring an end to despair and bring about more cooperation.

8:50 PM: Biden says “our work begins with getting COVID under control.” He says he will name a group of Coronavirus scientific experts on Monday who will help implement his plan.

8:46 PM: Biden says once again the African-American community stood up for him and he will always have their back. He says his administration will “look like America.”

He asks Trump supporters to give him a chance and lower the temperature and stop treating each other as enemies.

8:40 PM: Biden takes the stage.

He says the people have spoken and given them a “clear” victory with the most votes in presidential history. Biden talks about the “outpouring of joy” and hope across the world. He says he is humbled by the trust and confidence voters placed in him. He says he will be a president who seeks to unify and not divide and who sees the United States instead of red states and blue states.  He says it is an honor of his lifetime that so many voted for his vision. He says it is also a great day for America’s educators because they will have one of their own in the White House. Biden says “America has bent the arc of the moral universe more toward justice” with this election. 

8:35 PM: Harris praises Biden’s “audacity” for picking a female VP and says while she is the first, she won’t be the last. She talks about healing the soul of our nation and ridding the systemic injustice in the criminal justice system. She says the road ahead will not be easy but they are ready because we have elected a president who “represents the best in us” who is a “leader the world will respect and children will look up to.” She says Biden will be a president for all Americans.

8:32 PM: Harris says Biden is a “healer” and a uniter and a “tested and steady hand.” She thanks her family and her late mother. She talks about how her mother came from India at the age of 19 and says she believed in an America where this was possible. She talks about black, Asian, Latina, and Native American woman who paved the way for this victory and who sacrificed so much for liberty, equality, and justice for all. She talks about black women who are so often overlooked but are the “backbone” of our democracy. Harris talks about the women who have protected the right to vote for over a century.

8:27 PM: Harris will speak first and introduce Biden after her remarks.

Harris says the late John Lewis said democracy is an “act” because you can’t take it for granted. She says democracy was on the ballot this election and the soul of America was at stake.

8:25 PM: Biden, Harris ready to deliver victory speeches.

8:20 PM: Broadcast networks cut away from some of the most important college football games for Biden victory speech.

6:10 PM: Arizona:

6:05 PM: White House and Delaware:

5:10 PM:

4:50 PM: Numerous reporters have said they have not seen celebrations like these since Osama bin Laden’s death.

4:35 PM: San Francisco:

4:15 PM:

3:25 PM: Middle fingers for Trump.

3:10: PM: Ruckus.

3:00 PM

2:30 PM:

2:00 PM: Biden expected to address nation at 8 PM:

1:50 PM:

1:35 PM:

1:30 PM: The “ruckus” has started.


1:15 PM:

1:10 PM:


1:05 PM:

12:55 PM: Trump Tower: No social distancing.

12:45 PM: Activists claiming “mandate.”

12:35 PM:

12:25 PM: Giuliani says Trump’s team will argue that Trump was denied a fair count and will file a federal civil rights case. He says he doesn’t think there was “widespread fraud” in Republican counties.


12:10 PM:

12:06 PM: Pelosi:

12:05 PM: Team Trump:

Giuliani says voter fraud is “professional” in Philadelphia and you don’t lose leads like that without fraud.

11:59 AM: Biden:


11:55 AM: Team Trump: “Far from over.”

11:50 AM: Liberals Elated:

11:42 AM:

11:40 AM:

11:35 AM: AP Projects Biden will win Pennsylvania and the White House.

11:30 AM: CNN projects Biden wins Pennsylvania and will become the next president.

11:15 AM: Pennsylvania:

11:05 AM: Arizona:

10:50 AM:

10:35 AM: Team Trump press conference at the top of the hour:

10:15 AM: Arizona Sec. of State:

9:30 AM: Big Tech:

9:15 AM: Pennsylvania:

8:35 AM:

8:15 AM: Georgia: Recount still likely:

8:00 AM: Pennsylvania: More results expected this morning.

7:50 AM: Georgia:

7:45 AM:


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