MAGA Firebrands, Veepstakes Contenders Torch Guilty Verdict in Trump Case

Senator JD Vance, a Republican from Ohio, left, and Bernie Moreno, US Republican Senate ca
Dustin Franz/Bloomberg via Getty Images

MAGA Republcians and allies of former President Donald Trump slammed the jury’s verdict in his New York business records trial on Thursday, which found him guilty on all 34 counts of falsifying business records.

Donald Trump Jr. led the charge in a post on Twitter moments after the verdict came down.

Guilty on all counts. The Democrats have succeeded in their years long attempt to turn America into a third-world shithole. November 5 is our last chance to save it,” he wrote.

Sens. J.D. Vance (R-OH) and Marco Rubio (R-FL), who are rumored to be in contention to be Trump’s running mate, blasted the verdict and trial as well.

“This decision is a disgrace to the rule of law and our Constitution,” wrote in a post on X.

“Dems invented a felony to ‘get Trump,’ with the help of a Soros funded prosecutor and a Biden donor Judge, who rigged the entire case to get this outcome,” he added.

Vance emphasized, “This isn’t justice, it’s election interference.”

In his post on X, Rubio called the verdict a “travesty that makes a mockery” of the United States’s justice system.

“A political show trial conducted by an openly pro-Biden judge whose daughter makes money off the case, a jury from the most liberal county in America, absurd and ridiculous charges and outrageous jury instructions that guaranteed guilty verdicts,” Rubio declared.

A third rumored running-mate contender, Gov. Doug Burgum (R-ND), was with Trump in New York City today.

Tump-backed firebrand Senate candidates were quick to call out the “election interference” as well.

Arizona Republican Senate candidate Kari Lake called the entire trial through the verdict “a shameful political stunt.”

“We just witnessed the most egregious example of election interference and an outright mockery of the rule of law in the 246-year history of our Republic,” she wrote, adding:

This is a non-crime that a Soros-backed DA conjured out of thin air and placed in front of a highly conflicted Democrat judge, all in an effort to imprison Joe Biden’s political opponent.

The star witness in this case was a convicted perjurer, whose testimony before the court was one of the most embarrassing debacles ever seen in a courtroom.

Ohio Republican Senate candidate Bernie Moreno torched the merits of the case and verdict as well, calling it a “dark day for American democracy.”

“Joe Biden and his leftwing allies engaged in election interference to prosecute their top political opponent on bogus charges. This verdict is representative of a banana republic, not a democracy,” he added.

“Sherrod Brown and DC Democrats should be ashamed of this weaponization of our justice system,” Moreno wrote.


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