Blindfolded Democrat Assembles Gun, Then Calls for Gun Control

Missourians for Kander / YouTube
Missourians for Kander / YouTube

A television ad shows Senator Roy Blunt’s (R-MO) Democrat challenger, Jason Kander, assembling a gun while blindfolded, then calling for the same gun control that has already failed in California, Colorado, and Washington state.

The gun control in question, universal background checks, has also failed in Paris, Munich, and Copenhagen, among other places. But Kander can assemble an AR-15 blindfolded.

During the commercial, Kander puts the gun together while pointing out that Senator Blunt has been critical of his support for gun control. While assembling the gun, a blindfolded Kander talks about how he learned to “use and respect” his rifle in the Army and how he “supported Second Amendment rights” in the state legislature. He then calls for more gun control via universal background checks, which he suggests would keep guns out of the hands of terrorists.

He did not mention that the Orlando gunman who carried out the worst firearms-based terror attack in U.S. history passed a background check for both his guns. Moreover, the Orlando gunman passed a waiting period, too. Kander also failed to mention that the San Bernardino attackers acquired their handguns via background checks and had no problem acquiring their rifles, even though California has universal background checks. He did not talk about the November 27 firearms-based Planned Parenthood attack, which took place in Colorado, a state that has universal background checks. Nor did he mention the July 30 firearms-based attack on a house party north of Seattle, although Washington state has universal background checks.

Furthermore, Kander left out that Paris has universal background checks, and that those checks did nothing to stop the Charlie Hebdo firearms-based terrorist attack on January 7, 2015. Such checks were also impotent to prevent the firearms-based terror attack that killed 130 in Paris on November 13. The same checks failed to stop the attack in Copenhagen on February 14, 2015, and, more recently, the Munich shooting on July 22, 2016.

Kander can, however, assemble an AR-15 blindfolded, and Gabby Giffords’ gun control group endorsed him.

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