Terror Attack

Exclusive — Ret. Navy SEAL Jonathan Gilliam on Preparing for Potential Terror Attack: ‘Have a Plan of Action’

After the horrific Hamas terror attack on Israel on Oct. 7 and considering the porous U.S. border under the Biden administration, Americans must “have a plan of action,” in case terrorists strike domestically, said Jonathan Gilliam, a retired Navy SEAL, former FBI agent, and author of Sheep No More: The Art of Awareness and Attack Survival.

Palestinian militants representing the armed wings of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistan

Cornel West Likens U.S., Israel to Hamas, Calls Terror Attacks on Israeli Civilians ‘Resistance’

Like Hamas, both America and Israel have “blood on their hands.” That is the view of Independent presidential candidate and prominent civil rights activist Cornel West, who on Sunday seemed to justify the terror group’s monstrous operation which saw the deaths and kidnappings of hundreds of men, women, and children, calling it a form of resistance to “oppression.”

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JULY 29: Philosopher Dr. Cornel West speaks onstage during the 'Black