Bloomberg Gun Control Group Endorses Conor Lamb Despite AR-15 Campaign Ad

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety endorsed Conor Lamb (D) for Pennsylvania’s 17th Congressional District despite Lamb’s AR-15 commercial.

Lamb won a special election for the 17th District by running pro-gun, and that pro-gun campaign included the release of a commercial which showed him shooting an AR-15:

In addition to shooting AR-15s, Lamb reacted to the February 14, Parkland high school shooting by stressing that more gun laws are not the solution to gun crime. Trib Live quoted him saying, “I think that the emotions that a lot of us are feeling right now are very raw because we know that there’s not one thing we can do with the stroke of a pen or one thing you can ban. We need a comprehensive answer on mental health.”

And while he would not rule out considering an expansion of background checks, he made clear the first job is to enforce laws already on the books and prevent people who not have guns from getting them.

But Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety sees something in Lamb beyond his use of AR-15s and his refusal to name a gun control he would support.  Therefore, they are endorsing him in the November 6 midterm elections.

Salena Zito tweeted:

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