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US Government Is Financing Our Foreign Competition

Here’s a a question: If tax dollars were being used to make prices cheaper for companies overseas while simultaneously forbidding American companies from enjoying the same luxury…would that be fair? I would submit that it’s not and President Obama claimed

The New York Times Ponders: "Are We Biased Enough?"

The lefties on Twitter are very upset with their favorite paper, The New York Times. They’ve even started a hashtag (#NewNYTSlogans) attacking them for the apparent lack of dedication to truth that the paper has exhibited of late in its

The Village Voice Maxes Out the Race Card

The Village Voice has taken it upon themselves to spell out the template that anything the tea party does regarding the manufactured Perry/ranch controversy will be considered racist. I’m sure that the left and their agents in the mainstream media

Media Silent as Audience Instructed to Applaud Obama

What you are about to witness is either awkward or simply military protocol. Either way it’s media bias on display. [youtube M_f9iVHt6w4] There were a few things that jumped out to me immediately when I watched this video originally aside

VIDEO: Obama's Failures Too Evident for Media to Hide

In 2008, there were people all over the blogosphere and in the conservative movement that said Barack Obama was not up to the job. His experience as a legislator at the state level and then for two short years at

New York Times Brushes Off Ethical Concerns

For those of you who missed it, The New York Times recently ran some controversial, front-page stories regarding the natural gas industry. Specifically, some are questioning whether or not this was an agenda driven hit piece on the gas industry.

Roger Ailes and Mao: Basically the Same Guy

Those bastions of objectivity over at Rolling Stone magazine have taken a break from publishing off the record comments and covering the exploits of Lady GaGa to defend America against non-liberal news bias. Their target, of course, is Roger Ailes,

Alert the Media: This Tea Party Ain't Over Yet

GET READY FOR A FIGHT. It was supposed to be a short phenomenon. A group of “racists” who opposed the president for no reason other than their deep seeded hatred of minorities. They called themselves the Tea Party, and they