The Village Voice Maxes Out the Race Card


The Village Voice has taken it upon themselves to spell out the template that anything the tea party does regarding the manufactured Perry/ranch controversy will be considered racist.

I’m sure that the left and their agents in the mainstream media honestly and truly believe that Rick Perry is racist. That the tea party is racist. They believe this not because of evidence, for which there is clearly none, but rather it’s their need to believe it.

The media has spent the last few years trying desperately to paint a picture of the tea party as disgruntled white men and their submissive wives (whom let’s face it, they probably beat) coming out with their Bibles to defend the values of the Confederacy and oust this President who “should be serving us coffee.

They’ve mostly failed in this task, outside of already-committed leftists. At this point they seem to be just throwing the racism charge at the wall and seeing what sticks. This is of course evidenced by Janeane Garofalo accusing the tea party of being racist for supporting a black candidate or claims in the NY Times opinion pages that merely objecting to Obamacare is racism.

Now it’s Governor Perry’s turn. I won’t go into the details of why the recent “evidence” of racism is ridiculous, Ali Ackbar already did an excellent job of that:

Perry’s father reportedly painted over the offensive language on the rock in question soon after leasing the 1,000 acre parcel in the early 1980s. Seriously. A 1,000 acre rental on a 42,000 acre ranch owned by a West Texas charity that assists homeless children. The Washington Post literally took an inch and made it a mile.

Suffice to say that it’s clear that this is just a gotcha game and that the claims have no real foundation. As such, the leftosphere is instead setting the stage for the forthcoming narrative that the MSM will then embrace as either fact or by using their famous “some are saying” segue.

The Village Voice chimed in:

Rick Perry is between a rock (with a racial epithet painted on it) and a hard place. He’s the governor of a border state with an enormous Latino population, and his efforts to not demonize all of them as potential illegal immigrants have already left him castigated by the Tea Party.

See what they did there? The tea party has already exposed themselves as racist in this writer’s mind and as proof he points to the opposition Perry has faced from them on his immigration positions.

But what if they reject Perry because of this manufactured controversy? Not to worry. That’s racist too!

If he comes out too strongly in disavowing that sign, the Tea Party will tar and feather him as a weak-kneed, politically correct RINO incapable of standing up for private property and the freedom of white people to call land they own “Niggerhead” wherever they damn well please.

Though not mentioned explicitly, it’s pretty clear that supporting Perry will be considered racist in the minds of these hacks as it somehow excuses this sign which they’d have you believe Perry wrote in the blood of minorities he’d sent to the electric chair. But, in a very Garafolo-esque move, not supporting Perry will also be proof.

These lefties are either getting really good at triangulation with their accusations, or they are getting desperate to stop the continuing rise of opposition to President Obama. Taking a cue from them, I’ll go ahead and say that either reason is motivated by their own racism.


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