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Budget Cuts Hitting Border Security

Yesterday marked the 12-year anniversary of the thwarting of what could have been a devastating terrorist attack on the United States. Twelve years ago yesterday, Algerian national Ahmed Ressam was caught attempting to smuggle a detonator and 130 pounds of

Saving Defense from Defense Savings

Yesterday, Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon (R-CA), Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, delivered remarks at the Heritage Foundation reminding us that even as federal spending comes under long overdue scrutiny in Washington DC, it would be a catastrophic mistake

Radicalization Lessons: Convene More Hearings

Earlier this week, Sen. Richard Durbin convened a Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing on “Protecting the Civil Rights of American Muslims.” The subcommittee heard from four witnesses, each giving the same one-sided narrative on this issue, but did not hear from

START the Damage Control

Last week’s rushed vote on New START in the lame-duck session of the Senate represented that body’s abandonment of its constitutional obligations to provide to “advise and consent” on treaties, despite the best efforts Sen. Jon Kyl and some of

Are Your Senators or Congressman Trying to Have it Both Ways on Gitmo?

The Center for Security Policy recently released its ninth National Security Scorecard for the 111th Congress, 2009-2010. We’ve already identified in previous posts which legislators were “Champions of National Security” (scoring 100%) and which legislators were “national security failures” (scoring

Is Your Congressman or Senator a 'National Security Failure'?

The Center just released its ninth National Security Scorecard for the 111th Congress, 2009-2010, and identified several “Champions of National Security” – legislators who voted 100% with the Center’s positions on all votes for which they were present. Members of