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Exclusive — Brent Bozell & Tim Graham: Fact-Check the ‘Fact-Checkers’

From the Reagan years to today, conservatives have been dismissed by the elites as ignorant chumps. Thirty years after Dukakis lost 40 states, nothing’s changed, and it’s precisely this long-standing ideological arrogance – that conservatives are both intellectually challenged and the most resistant to what “objective” journalists define as reality – that informs the “fact checkers.”

WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 15: Counter protesters dress as Pinocchio while standing on the

Exclusive – Brent Bozell: Last Chance for the GOP

And what have they done? They surrendered without a fight. Any real advance, be it Gorsuch, regulatory relief, minimal border security, minimal tax cuts, or minimal changes in Obamacare — it’s all being driven by the White House. Congress has done nothing.


Brent Bozell: An Open Letter to Conservative Friends Supporting Donald Trump

We rarely–if ever–publish “open letters” at Breitbart News. This editorial policy came directly from Andrew Breitbart himself. However, given the enormity of today’s primaries, the intensity of the internal debate raging within the Republican party, and the stature of Brent Bozell in the conservative movement, we have decided to make an exception in this instance.


Exclusive–Bozell: It’s Time To Rally Around Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is surging. He’s on top in Iowa. He’s gaining ground everywhere else. He has organizations in place in every state that matters. He’s raised more money than anyone except Jeb Bush. There’s a reason for this.

Republican presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks to the crowd at the Heritage A

Bozell to GOP: You Fund it, You Own It

The congressional battle over defunding Obamacare through the Continuing Resolution has all the intrigue and internecine bickering of a tawdry cable reality show.   But beneath this veneer lies the fundamental question of the role of government. The media, shallow

Bozell to GOP: You Fund it, You Own It

The Case for Defunding Obamacare

Congress is poised to vote on an issue that will define the American Experience for decades to come. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, more widely known as Obamacare, is perhaps the most calamitous law this nation has ever

The Case for Defunding Obamacare

Mark Lloyd: FCC Chief Diversity Officer — And a Liar, Too

On December 15 in a speech for the Media Access Project, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chief Diversity Officer Mark Lloyd claimed to refute numerous what he called “exaggerations and distortions” of a wide range of his thoughts, positions and policy