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ObamaCare: Where's the Investigation of Epic Systems?

It turns out that health policy under President Obama is just wrong-headed, it’s also corrupt. The Obama administration is now allowing left wing health care companies to shape policy in exchange for big campaign donations. The Washington Examiner’s Lachlan Markay

The Left's Smear Campaign Against ALEC

An orchestrated campaign is underway to attack and discredit a prominent free-market organization. The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is the latest target of the left-wing smear machine, no doubt singled out for its effectiveness in advancing free-market principles and

Barack Obama's Fatal Conceit

I, like many others, made light of the President’s recent shocking display of economic ignorance. In an interview on NBC’s TODAY, the President claimed that productivity, the source of our prosperity, is really a “structural issue” holding back the job

The Value of an Active Judiciary

Following Judge Vinson’s declaration that Obamacare is in fact unconstitutional, many on the left have responded by seizing an old conservative lament – judicial activism. The right has unnecessarily handed the left a minor rhetorical foothold by using the term

Now Hold Their Feet to the Fire

The impact of the Tea Party has been felt. After an historically short period in the wilderness, Republicans have recaptured a share of the government, and brought with them a fairly impressive new class of small government advocates. However, with

The Real Special Interest: Government Lobbying Government

Illinois, like many states, is broke. Its credit is even worse than that of California and its highly publicized financial quagmire. In such a fiscal environment, taxpayers are rightfully demanding that governments tighten up and are increasingly zealous about ensuring

Happy Cost of Government Day

For the last 7 1/2 months your labor has belonged to someone else – the state. You have slaved away for the majority of the year to pay for the bailouts, subsidies, vote buying, earmarks and redistribution schemes that make

NASA and the Last Fig Leaf of Big Government

We landed on the moon over two generations ago, and ever since NASA has been used as intellectual support for those who think we can solve any problem with a wave of the legislative or regulatory wand. “If government can

ObamaCare: Death Panels Are a Real Concern After All

It was an article of faith among Obamacare supporters that worry over so-called death panels was simply a cynical ploy by conservative leaders to scare the peasants. Blatant fearmongering, they claimed. Now it’s looking more and more like a valid

Elites Hate When The People Speak

Much of the animosity we’ve witnessed directed at the Tea Party over the last year has come from political and cultural elites who find regular people disturbing, if not downright disgusting. The peasants, according to elites, are prone to temper

Some Friendly Advice For GreenMyParents

Coinciding with Earth Day, a group of teenagers launched a new program called GreenMyParents, which seeks to “help young people teach their peers and parents how to work together to help the economy, earn money at home, and save the

The Left Claims They Can't Find Anyone Who Says Obamacare is Illegal

The University of Washington held a “debate” over the constitutionality of the health care bill in which none of the participants argued it was at all unconstitutional. Explaining this farce, the university claimed they couldn’t find any law professors to

Big Government Is No Victim

No tragedy is beyond exploitation by the left. When census worker Bill Sparkman was found dead and it was leaked that “Fed” was scrawled across his chest, the entirety of the conservative and Tea Party movements were immediately convicted by

Health Care Freedom Act Featured at CPAC

The Conservative Political Action Conference isn’t all fiery speeches and political red meat. Following the rousing speech by Rep. Mike Pence on Friday, a much more subdued presentation by Dr. Eric Novack described the efforts of states to pass a

A Year of Hyper-Racialism

Barack Obama came into office with a promise of ushering in a new post-racial era. One year into his term and Chris Matthews has already declared, “Mission Accomplished!” He forgot Obama was black, you see. America is now post-racial! Sadly,

Understanding Liberal Rage Over Citizens United

On paper the Citizens United case has all the makings of a solid liberal issue. First Amendment protections, considered sacrosanct by the left when a reporter is leaking classified information, are strengthened for those speaking truth to power. Both the

Barack Obama's Land of the Mostly Free

Freedom took a hit in 2009. One year into the Obama presidency and America is no longer classified as having a “free” economy, according to the 16th annual Index of Economic Freedom, a joint report by the The Heritage Foundation

Budget Busting Compensation Packages Plague States

There are two distinct sectors in the economy: the private sector and the government sector. The private sector is the productive part of the economy. Competition in the private sector promotes greater efficiency, productivity and innovation than the public, or

Study Shows Partisan Influence On Stimulus Spending

Democrats are feeling stimulated these days. In a recent study, Jerry Brito and Veronique de Rugy of the Mercatus Center tracked stimulus spending in all 435 congressional districts plus the District of Columbia. They found that the amount of stimulus

A Value-Added Tax Won't Solve the Deficit Crisis

As Congress prepares to raise the debt ceiling by $1.8 trillion, there are renewed calls from political elites for a value-added tax in America. The New York Times all but campaigned for the idea while touting it as a possible

The States Will Be the Next Battlefield in the Fight Over ObamaCare

Right now the battle over government-run health care is centered in Washington D.C. Numerous protests have been held at the Capital, including the massive 9.12 Project march, where hundreds of thousands traveled from all over the country to protest excessive