Dr. Ronald L. Trowbridge

Higher Education Reform Meets Professor X

The controversy over reform in Texas higher education has confused the public. Which side is right? Watching a charge from one side, then a counter-charge from the other side loses the reader in the weeds of detail. The charge and

Open the Doors and Windows to the Ivory Towers

A firestorm now rages in Texas over transparency and accountability in higher education. Governor Rick Perry and the Texas Public Policy Foundation have encouraged regents to peek inside the ivory towers, and the universities are responding. History argues that we

Confessions of a Libertarian on Immigration

Texas Senator Dan Patrick has just filed Senate Bill 126, which would require law enforcement officials to check legal documentation of lawfully stopped individuals. Other states will likely follow suit. Let me confess how this immigration business is especially poignant

Immigration Reform: A Challenge to Big Government Readers

Recently I sent the paragraphs that follow here to a Texas journal. The editor, no liberal, responded that it’s the best approach to the issue of illegal immigration that he’s seen for a long while. My challenge to Big Government

The Constitutional Fight over the ObamaCare Individual Mandate

I recently attended in Washington, D. C. an insightful debate, “How to Interpret the Constitution.” I asked each of four panelists to opine on the constitutionality of the individual mandate requiring all individuals to purchase health care beginning 2014. Two

The Hidden Scam in Universities

The public is not aware of what’s happening within higher education, and for good reason: the self-serving universities want to keep it that way. Even worse, they will excoriate those on the inside who reveal the truth about the scam.

Prosecutors Gone Wild: Lessons From the Blagojevich Case

From the very beginning I argued that the public should reserve judgment about Rod Blagojevich. The Chicago Tribune had the openness to run two of my op-eds recommending suspension of judgment–“Fitzgerald comments crossed ethical line” (Jan. 15, 2009) and “Reign

Repeal Arizona's Immigration Law: It Only Harms Arizona

A powerful irony of unintended consequences of Arizona’s new immigration law is emerging, which is that the law will only harm innocent Arizonans. Perception can be more powerful than reality, and even if the millions of Americans who oppose the