Jesse Petrilla

Jesse Petrilla: For Some Small Businesses, Tariffs Are Taxes

With all the talk of trade war and tariffs in the media lately, we often hear from economists and CEOs of major corporations, but we don’t often hear from the small business owners who feel the pain the most when costs are increased even by just a small amount.


The Desert Highway: A Glimpse Into The Mid East Mind

The morning was spent in Jerusalem and I would sleep that night in Tel Aviv. The next day I would travel north to Nazareth where I would meet with Pastor Afif, an Arab Palestinian Christian, the pastor who would baptize

Egyptian Revolution, a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

The pot finally came to a boil when on New Year’s Eve a suicide bomber ripped through parishioners at an Alexandria church, killing dozens of Christians. That same church was the site of another attack several years prior, when a