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Young People Only Have Themselves to Blame for Politicians Ignoring Them

“Where are the policies for young people? Why don’t politicians care about us?” Those questions are asked almost daily by intelligent, engaged and knowledgeable young people who want their voices to be heard by the political powerbrokers. Yet their demands

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Libya Migrant Drownings: ‘Not Our Problem’ Is Not The Answer

Katie Hopkins has been widely castigated for penning a column declaring that she does not care about hundreds of north African migrants drowning in the Mediterranean, calling them “cockroaches” and calling for “gunships” to be sent in to deal with


Alex Salmond: The New Evil Bogeyman of British Politics

Children and parents alike will be going to their beds tonight in fear of the bogeyman whose dark shadow now looms large over the United Kingdom. That evil bogeyman is of course none other than the former First Minister of

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Fat Chance of Good Health for the Chronically Obese

In today’s Fat News, we learned that obese women have a far higher chance of getting seven different cancers than women who are a healthy weight. Yes, another day, another revelation about how obesity is blighting our nation’s health –


The Government Has Just Announced the Dumbest Policy Ever

It’s an exciting day for motorists. Today we found out that we will get an extra 10 minutes’ grace period on our stay at a parking meter before we can be issued with a parking ticket. Hurray! Get out the


Harriet Harman’s Barbie Battle Bus is an Insult to Women

Many, many years ago, a little girl called Harriet was bitterly disappointed on Christmas Day when, after ripping open all of her gifts, she discovered that she had not been given the pink Barbie camper van for which she had

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Religion, Eugenics, and Three Parent Babies

I don’t claim, along with the late great American singer-songwriter Sam Cooke, to know much about history, biology or, indeed, a science book. Indeed, I think my only qualifications in the fields of science and medicine are a C-grade physics