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North Dakota – More Equal Than Other States?

In the five minutes it will take you to read this article, the national debt of the United States will increase by about $9.5 million. There are no easy answers to this monumental problem, but there are simple ones.

American Lands Council

Missouri: Transfer of Public Lands Champion

Western states today are engaged in the same fight to shake off the same federal “monopolizer” of western lands, which “like all monopolies, result[s] in hardships to those upon whom it act[s].” The burning question is: Who has the knowledge and the courage to be the modern-day Thomas Hart Benton?


Illinois Won the First Sagebrush Rebellion

Nevada currently holds the unenviable record for the highest percentage of federally controlled lands within its borders – more than 80%! But this is not just a Nevada problem; the federal government controls about half of the all lands within the western states. In contrast, States east of Colorado have, on average, less than 5% federally controlled lands. But Nevada doesn’t even come close to the all-time record holder for federally controlled lands within a state.

Ed Britton/US Fish & Wildlife Service