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Series Finales Show Hollywood Still in Same Old Rut

Four high-profile shows have just had their season finales – well, three did while the other (AMC’s “The Walking Dead“) instead invented the concept of a “mid-season finale,” a phenomenon that is even less necessary than the Jon Huntsman campaign.

Ron Paul Won't Let Reality Get in the Way of His Talking Points

Sure, it’s self-evident that the Bilderbergers wield the true power behind the scenes, controlling the banking system, the media and that damn traffic light that turned red just as your Dodge Dart got to the intersection. And it’s obvious that

Occupy's Phase II: Changing the Subject to Salvage the Scheme

The Occupy losers are delighted; they finally got the footage they think will shift the focus off the almost unbelievable legacy of Occupier violence, sexual assaults and general degeneracy that has been so carefully documented by Big Government. They hope

'Occupy Hollywood' – The Left Begins to Eat Itself

You’re not a conservative if Kim Kardashian making millions for being a half-witted, no-talent reality TV star bothers you. In fact, if you feel “there oughta be a law” somehow regulating, limiting or otherwise controlling in any manner at all

Is 'The Walking Dead' Terminal? Yes. Because It's Stupid.

There’s a major split on the conservative scene that threatens to tear us apart, and we need to confront the issue head-on. No, it isn’t the Romney vs. a Conservative fight – let’s face it, we’re all going to vote

Patriotic Fervor Sweeps America's Zillionaires!

In the wake of President Obama asking America’s richest and most successful to do their patriotic duty and contribute their fair share to our Nation, more and more are refusing to be content with merely ostentatiously asking to have their

Blinding (And Muting) Us With "Science"

Let’s face it – there are few things more annoying than Science. We conservatives need to take a firm stand against Science in all its forms. In fact, Science sucks. But let’s not confuse “Science” with “science.” The regular, boring,

The New York Times: Circling the Drain

Academics have, for centuries, looked far back in time as they argued and speculated about why the Roman Empire fell, but we now have an opportunity to observe in real time the accelerating decay of that imperial gatekeeper of liberal

How to Answer the Jesus Questions

As a trial lawyer, I appreciate the panicked attempts of the liberal elite and its mainstream media suck-ups to focus the upcoming election on the religious views of the Republican candidates. I face – and defeat – this kind of

The Top 10 Apocalypse Movies

In light of the devastation to our civilization directly resulting from the collectivist policies of our ruling elite, there’s probably never been a better time to look at one of Hollywood’s best-loved genres – the end-of-the-world movie. It’s hard to

Mark Boal: Hollywood's Go-To Hack for All Things Pseudo-Military

FADE IN: INT. HOLLYWOOD STUDIO CONFERENCE ROOM – DAY “Hurt Locker” scribe MARK BOAL slams his mighty fist down hard on the conference room table, making the HOLLYWOOD EXECUTIVES surrounding him jump in their leather seats. MARK BOAL Now listen

Anticipating the Coming Convulsions as the Welfare State Dies

It’s already happening – the liberal dream of a perpetual social welfare state where deadbeat liberal constituencies feed off of the work of productive conservative citizens in perpetuity is dying. There’s no doubt about that; the only question left is

Keeping on the Offense: More Lessons for Our Side

If we are going to win this thing, this battle to retake our culture and our country, you are going to have to learn to love to fight. This battle can’t be left to a few champions who do battle

Jake Tapper: Boehner 3.0 Was Always at War with Oceania

In the wake of the passage of Boehner 3.0, ABC’s Jake Tapper has shifted into some hardcore revisionism that would make the guys at the Ministry of Truth proud. He reports that the addition of the balanced budget amendment language

David Brooks Writes the Mother of All Nonsense

Noted ‘conservanerd‘ David Brooks has abandoned all pretense of conservatism in his latest New York Times column titled “The Mother of All No-Brainers.” It’s pretty clear that he believes that his readers are the brainless ones – rarely have so

Jon Huntsman: What If They Gave A Candidate and Nobody Came?

Jon Huntsman’s presidential announcment was met with resounding approval from those who wish to see four more years of the Obama Administration. Among the rest of America, the reaction ranged from ennui to observations like “It’s good to see the

Netroots Nation 2011 Journal

Thursday: Wow, you can really feel the energy here in Minneapolis at Netroots Nation 2011 – the vibe is so much better than at Starbucks where that fascist Mr. Rodriguez keeps oppressing me by insisting that I get to work

The Light Bulb Goes On About the GOP Congressional Leadership

Once the light bulb represented ideas; today, its shoddy, government-mandated replacement, the compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), has come to represent everything that is wrong with the GOP leadership in Congress. It’s time to get rid of the dim bulbs, figuratively

$100K Powerline Contest: Real Money for a Superb Cause

There’s a theory that in order to ensure you never get hassled again, you walk up to the biggest guy in the room and knock him on his butt. If you win, no one will ever mess with you because

Another Week, Another Shovelful Into the Grave of the Old Media

There’s a scene in Platoon – a crappy movie, by the way – where Willem Defoe’s character is running from the pursuing communists and we see him take hit after hit, stumbling, getting up, stumbling some more, and then finally,

Gary Johnson Gets Fired Up

He doesn’t really stand out in a crowd – in fact, he looks like a regular guy, the kind of guy who would own a construction business. What Gary Johnson doesn’t look like is the great green hope, the stoner

Special Election: The Battle by the Beach

Patrick “Kit” Bobko was willing to jump out of airplanes to earn his airborne wings as an Air Force Academy cadet, so the dying dinosaur that is the Los Angeles Times is not going to intimidate him. Nor is the