Mike LaChance

My Pitch For a Youth-Driven Reality Show: 'The National Guard'

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming of Project Runway and Jersey Shore to bring you a new reality show. Here’s the concept: A bunch of patriotic young people decide to risk their lives to defend the United States as well

The People of Massachusetts Are Taking Back Their Seats

The Scott Brown revolution is alive and well in Massachusetts. Tuesday night, January 26th at 7:00 when most people would like to be home relaxing after work, almost 500 average citizens from Massachusetts packed a convention hall in the Boston

Hollywood's Leftist Standard on Biographies

Who doesn’t like a good biography movie? In Hollywood they’re called bio pics and they often do very well at the box office, especially when the subject has a compelling life story. Of course, filmmakers are like any other type

1984: The Year Capitalism Saved Christmas

If you’re a first generation watcher of MTV, you must remember the year 1984 and Band Aid. Bob Geldof and other musicians from Duran Duran, Genesis, Culture Club, The Police and U2 teamed up to make a record which would