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Saudi Oil Ethics Challenged by Canadian Upstart

EthicalOil.org, the organization that sparked a diplomatic incident between Canada and Saudi Arabia with its television commercials criticizing Saudi oil imports, has brought its controversial campaign to the United States. The group, which launched this summer, promotes “ethical” Canadian oil

Tension Escalates in South China Sea

Tensions are spiking over the disputed territory around the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. China, Vietnam, & the Philippines all lay claim to the area and supposed deposits of oil and natural gas have increased interest and conflict.

Bean Concedes to Walsh in IL-8

Melissa Bean called and congratulated Joe Walsh a short time ago. Walsh, who is in Washington, DC for orientation, officially wins the election by 291 votes.

Joe Walsh 'Fighting for His Life' in IL-8

Republican Joe Walsh (or Congressman-elect Joe Walsh, as his staff now call him) continues to lead Mellisa Bean in suburban Chicago’s 8th Congressional District. By his lead has shrank from 750 on Election night to approximately 300 votes today. The

Want to Stop Voter Fraud? There's an App for That!

Brought to you by ElectionJournal.org, the website that broke the Black Panther intimidation story in 2008. iReport is the first iPhone application dedicated to reporting voter fraud, intimidation and other election irregularities. The app is available for free and allows

Dems Admit Rep. John Adler Planted Fake Tea Party Candidate

Democratic operatives in New Jersey are turning on Congressman John Adler (D-NJ3). Due to “ethical qualms” they have revealed the Adler campaign is behind the bogus “NJ Tea Party” candidacy of Peter DeStefano. In May, Geoff Mackler, Adler’s Campaign Manager,

New Information Raises More Questions About DOJ and the Black Panthers

New information about the violent criminal history of the Philadelphia Black Panthers once again calls into question the Department of Justice handling of this racist hate group. Records obtained from the Philadelphia Courts document arrests for assault, robbery, domestic violence,

Peeping John: Adler's Campaign Accussed of Harassing Runyan's Family

Republican Congressional candidate Jon Runyan has filed charges against a campaign staffer for Congressman John Adler (D-NJ03). From the Courier Post: Last Wednesday, Fredric C. Samson of Mount Holly allegedly trespassed on the Runyans’ Mount Laurel property and took photographs

175 People Double Voted in One Precinct in PA-12

The Precinct Judge of Elections at North Union 4 in Fayette County says she mistakenly gave 175 people 2 ballots this morning. She claims she thought the Special Election to fill the vacancy in Congressional District 12 required her to

Only in Philly: Black Panther on the Ballot!

Jerry Jackson, notorious member of the New Black Panther Party, who was seen in the video below intimidating and threatening voters in 2008, is running for re-election as a member of the Democratic Executive Committee in Philadelphia. Here is the

Massive Voter Fraud in NY Linked to ACORN

The Working Families Party and local Democratic Party Officials are at the center of a massive voter fraud scandal in Troy, NY. According to the Times Union: Dozens of forged and fraudulent absentee ballots from people registered to vote on

Exclusive: ACORN Illegally Operating in Maryland

Last week, we saw some pretty disturbing activities revealed in the undercover footage from ACORN Housing’s Baltimore office. By any measure of conduct, the actions of ACORN’s employees should never have happened. It turns out the actions shouldn’t have happened