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Update: Politico Admits 'Error' in Attributing Bachmann Criticism to Palin


Last night we reported that Politico had falsely attributed an attack on Michele Bachmann to Sarah Palin, and now Politico has corrected the “error”:

An editing error caused a false attribution in an earlier version of this column. A comment by the authors was transformed into a direct quote from Sarah Palin. She never said the words attributed to her. Those words were written by the authors.

But this may have been less “an editing error” as much as it was an ideology error. Given Politico’s history of bias against conservatives, especially the Palins, it’s hard to believe an error this egregious is a coincidence. The misquote had plenty of time to grab headlines before Politico got around to admitting to a whoopsie, and that serves Politico’s established ideological agenda.

To say we don’t take the Politico team at their word would qualify as an understatement.


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