Correction Request: FishbowlDC's Peter Ogburn Misquotes Michelle Fields


On Tuesday, December 27, FishbowlDC’s Peter Ogburn wrote the following in reference to the Daily Caller’s Michelle Fields’ hour-long appearance with Brian Lamb on C-Span: [emphasis added]

As the interview winds down, Lamb asks where Michelle would like to see her career go. She says she would like to be “in the media. As a journalist. Maybe an anchor.” Let’s not get carried away, Michelle. Reality can be a dear friend sometimes. Lamb asks if America is ready for an anchor who gives opinions and Michelle doubles down on her journalistic philosophy. “I think people want opinions. People want someone to tell them what to think.”

A look at the actual interview proves that this is not what Ms. Fields said. In fact, it’s quite obvious that what she said and meant was the complete opposite:

I think people want to see-they want opinions. Well-look at the Occupy Wall Street video that I did. I felt that I wasn’t being biased whatsoever. I showed-didn’t agree with my opinions, but I showed it. And I got so much negative attention from it. People were upset that I had done that. So I think people want biased journalism. They want something-they want someone to tell them what they think.

We kindly request that FishbowlDC correct the record.


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