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The EPA: Economic 'Savior' or Jolly Green Tyrant?

Rest easy America, for not only is the EPA busy saving the planet, it’s taken on a new responsibility: saving the economy. The Departments of Commerce and Energy can close up shop and Treasury Department better start investing in some

The EPA's Lisa Jackson and Her Wild 'Wealth Creation' Claims

In a column she posted at the Huffington Post, USEPA Administrator Lisa Jackson continued in her attempts to rebrand the Agency into something it never has been nor was intended to be: a creator of wealth. Jackson surely recognizes that

Covering the Drilling Moratorium, the AP Gets Its Digs In

When it comes to the way the MSM covers the news, sometimes it’s the little things that are the most annoying. The AP covered Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s decision to re-impose a six month deep water drilling moratorium in predictable

On 'Global Warming,' Can There Really Be Two Sides To the Story?

Hey Mainstream Media, before you dismiss legitimate scientists who disagree with your global warming meme as “deniers,” how about listening to an actual, open-minded scientist who agrees with you? One of the most electrifying moments of the Heartland Institute’s Fourth

MSM AWOL From a Non-Ideological Climate Conference

You would think that a conference that features some of the world’s leading scientists talking about a hot-button issue like global warming would attract a bit of old media attention. The Heartland Institute’s Fourth International Conference on Climate Change, currently

Government 'Cancer Scare' Report So Bogus Even the New York Times Notices

Hard as it to imagine, a recent government report was so ridiculously hysterical that even the New York Times noticed. The President’s Cancer Panel’s released a report entitled “Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk,” which led to this Times’ headline: U.S. Panel

When It Comes To 'Pollution,' Most Of It Is In the Media's Mind

When it comes to environmental topics, the biggest failing of the lazy, old media is not what they tell you, but what they leave unsaid. Yesterday’s release of the American Lung Association’s State of the Air 2010 report provides textbook

Relax: Rachel Maddow and MSNBC Know What's Good For You

Sitting through a Rachel Maddow commentary is difficult enough in the best of circumstances. Listening to her tortured logic (employing the word loosely) as she tried to expose the “perfidy” of lobbyist Rick Berman and Big Government editor-in-chief Michael Flynn

An Earth Day Message for Green Hollywood

Happy Earth Day folks, or as we like to call it: Guilt Day. And, of all the people who are going to spend today hoping to shame you into remorse for being a dirty, rotten, polluter who is gradually destroying

Volcanoes? All Your Fault According To NPR

The slogan attached to NPR gabber Diane Rehm’s show is “one of her guests is always you.” Based on Rehm’s interview of Elise Labott, senior State Department producer for CNN, reality isn’t quite as welcome as you are. Consider this

As Illinois Dies, the Blame-Blago MSM Narrative Comes Apart

If you want to know what “progressive” policies will do to America in the long run, look no farther than the president’s home state. According to the MSM narrative, the economic disaster in Illinois is Rod Blagojevich’s fault. That’s true

Environmental Injustice: Attacking Industry In A Poor Community

Global warming skeptics like me are often asked how the mainstream media could have been so wrong about the “climate change” issue for so long. The answer is that the MSM’s fascination with global warming alarmism is nothing out the

Obama's Rx for America: Green Jobs and Healthcare Blues

Recent revelations about the way that president Obama’s plan to weatherize U.S. homes has gotten off to a less than stellar start symbolize what’s wrong with so-called “green jobs.” Green job programs depend on government subsidies and mandates, require government

Stupid Is As Stupid Does; Obama and Co. Moves To Alienate Israel

The recent flap about Israel supposedly insulting the United States by announcing plans to build 1,600 new housing units within the sovereign territory of Israel is remarkable on many levels. First, it’s a non-story. There is nothing new about Israel

The Stupidity, Futility, and Fantasy of "Earth Hour"

Let us forget, for a moment, that “Earth Hour” is a pointless exercise serving only to make environmentalists feel better about themselves by marginally reducing electrical demand for 0.01% of the year. Let us disregard, for a moment, that the

Obama To Ban Fishing? Not Yet, But… Give the Regulators Time

Is the Obama administration trying to ban sport fishing? Not at this time. Is the Obama administration setting up structures and processes that could, and probably will, eventually result in more regulatory restrictions on sport fishing? You betcha. But, with

Memo To Chuck Todd and NBC: Your Science Coverage Is Awful, Too

Here’s my problem with NBC political correspondent Chuck Todd’s blast against “Drudge driven journalism:” the alternative that Todd attempts to defend isn’t actually journalism. If Chuck Todd’s network and the rest of the MSM really had been practicing journalism all

Hey Democrats — Get Fired Up! These Posters Will Help

The atmosphere over at Democratic National Committee headquarters has to be pretty gloomy these days. Their party’s prospects in November have progressed from dismal to disastrous and there’s no telling how much worse it can get. Over at the Dem’s

Two Years After His Death, Buckley's Message Lives On

Two years ago today, William F. Buckley moved on to the great Firing Line in the Sky where he is, no doubt, still debating the wisdom of turning over the Panama Canal with the Gipper. Buckley’s legacy lives on, not